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Chronicles of a Single Mom #14: Shhh! She'll hear us eating!

I’m sure that I can afford to miss a meal or two but first I have to actually have access to said meals. 263 more words

Emotional Engagement, Looking Beyond Test Scores

In a recent article David Brooks states, “Education is one of those spheres where the heart is inseparable from the head.” If students are to succeed, the best possible conditions for them, for anyone, is to come from a home where they feel safe and secure. 106 more words

ConnectED | The White House

Preparing America’s students with the skills they need to get good jobs and compete with other countries relies increasingly on interactive, personalized learning experiences driven by new technology. 50 more words


MSU, Marathon Team Up To Help STEM Students

EAST LANSING — Michigan State University and Marathon Petroleum Corp. celebrated a new partnership and a $150,000 commitment for underrepresented and underprepared students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 489 more words


Preschool Computer Programming with Wooden Blocks

This article discusses the gradual integration of computer science into K-12 classrooms and considers how preschools might teach students the basics of coding using colored blocks. 87 more words


Democrats Revise Education Platform; Step Back From Phony "Reform"


Up until Sen. Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton yesterday, it was common to view the main fault line dividing the Democratic Party as that between Sanders’ largely younger and definitely more radical supporters and a more cautious and aging party “establishment” represented by Clinton.  1,954 more words


Student Creates Jet Prototype for Boeing

Jairo Diae, a nine-year-old student involved in Lab School presented a challenge on one of the last days of school. He wrote Boeing about his proposal for them to build a prototype of a jet he designed as a result of the exposure to aeronautics engineering by our teachers. 109 more words

California STEM Institute For Innovation And Improvement