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Job Opening with WITS in Portland, Oregon

The WITS Program in Portland, Oregon, is hiring a new Director of Youth Programs. It’s a full-time position, and you can click here to learn more about it… 119 more words


A World Where Students Cannot Think

The two main sides in this discussion on student disengagement are those who believe that the teachers are responsible for engaging their students, and those who believe that students must take initiative and become more self-motivated.   225 more words

Why the Founder of Khan Academy Supports Mastery Learning

According to Sal Khan, the necessities to learning are mastery and mindset.  This educator and founder of Khan Academy explains in a TED talk how he found that students almost always accumulate gaps in their learning, particularly in math classes.   321 more words

Two Opposing Sides, One Common Goal

The debate on student disengagement in the classroom setting is mostly based on interpretation and opinion,  but whether you believe that the fault lies with the students or teachers, both positions have room for improvement.   190 more words

A Deeper Investigation of Student Disengagement

There is an ongoing discussion on student disengagement in grades K-12, and whether the fault lies with the teachers or with the students themselves.  Teachers such as… 1,958 more words

Introducing the Unmotivated Student

Student disengagement in the classroom setting is not a new issue.  It has been occurring for years, but the problem has not been addressed directly.  Right now, large discussions surround issues such as how to improve students’ test scores, or how to make schools better in general, all in attempts to label more students as successful learners.   98 more words

Do Charter Schools Improve Education? Comparing Charter Schools and Traditional Public Schools

Americans have worried about the performance of our public schools for decades, and the charter school movement arose during the 1990s when some education reformers decided that government regulations kept traditional public schools from changing their policies and curriculums, streamlining their budgets, and holding themselves accountable for student performance. 1,280 more words