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Should We Record K-12 Teachers While They Teach?

Three years ago, Bill Gates delivered a ten-minute TED presentation about the lack of meaningful feedback teachers receive so they can improve their instruction. Gates believes other countries outperform the United States across every subject for K-12 education because the United States has no system for the development of entry-level teachers with high-quality models, mentors, and evidence of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of their own practices. 236 more words


Geoscience Outreach Education: Together we achieve mORE

While geology is not by any means a new science, historically it has had to fight for equal status among its sister sciences¹ and even today Earth science as a stand only course of study is sorely lacking in many jurisdictions across Canada. 490 more words

K-12 Education

It’s not the tech that matters, but how and if, educators make use of it

Over past few years I have witnessed a growing infatuation by those working in the education sector; formal and informal, with acquiring more tech – from installed devices in classrooms to computers, laptops, notebooks, iPads and all sorts of handheld devices. 527 more words

K-12 Education

Stop Bullying..Here's How

This is a report from a conference

The most important skills that teachers have to communicate empathy and to share knowledge of this issue sadly might be intuitive for good teachers. 695 more words

The Power of Responding, instead of..

… Reacting.

“Responding” vs. “Reacting”. I want to differentiate between the two. What triggered this post was an article I read on NPR titled “ 384 more words

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Ontario's math scores started declining as kids took the new curriculum, according to EQAO data

Their bags are packed with calculators, protractors and new pencils, but the curriculum Ontario kids will learn in math class this fall might be what’s dragging down their math scores. 1,176 more words


Showing Vs. Telling

I’ve been popping in and out of different classrooms to catch mini lessons and reading groups in action.  One of the things I am noticing is the difference between showing and telling. 193 more words

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