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Gamers and Education -- What we can learn from digitial natives!

This past weekend our 4 year old grandson spent two nights with us. He is your typical 4-year old in every way, obsessed with superhero’s and running fast — with one small exception —  he has his own Iphone.   1,392 more words


Designing Assessments that Meet Students Where They Are

Are you excited about designing assessments, giving assessments, and tracking the results of your assessments? Chances are, you probably aren’t. Yet, assessments are important, not just because running them helps you meet state and institutional requirements, but because they are a way to demonstrate that students have made measurable progress. 600 more words


The Freedom to Learn

Anna Neumann (2012) offered a new perspective and some inspiring language (like the title of this post) to the conversation and progress around learning across socioeconomic status. 291 more words

Charter Schools

2105 KIDS COUNT Data Book

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has just released its 2015 KIDS Count Data Book, an annual report on how children are doing nationally and in individual states. 1,089 more words


Why Teamwork is Essential for Tutoring to Succeed

One of my favorite TV shows is Bones, about a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent who partner to solve mysteries. Besides being an entertaining drama, I find the show compelling because it shows how people with all different sorts of expertise can work together to solve big problems that they would not be able to solve alone. 571 more words


What's the Meaning of a Diploma?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from high school or college. Students walk across a stage, are handed a piece of paper, which represents that they completed the set requirements to move on. 185 more words