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Friday Five: Top Reasons to Apply for a Library of Congress Teacher Institute

I’m grateful to my school librarian who attended a Library of Congress week long Summer Teacher Institute a few years ago. She encouraged me to apply for this year, and as I reach the end of my week here in Washington DC at the Library of Congress, there are countless reasons I can think of as to why this has been a valuable experience. 278 more words

Friday Five

Phenomenal World: Juliana and Homer Schamp Memorial Scholarship seeks to inspire the next generation of teachers

Think back to the science classes you took as a child. What do you remember about them? Did you watch a caterpillar spin a cocoon and emerge a butterfly, or a tadpole grow into a frog? 659 more words

Student Scholarships

Hutchins Professor Wendy Ostroff Publishes New Book About Deep Learning

A new book by Hutchins Professor Wendy L. Ostroff, “Cultivating Curiosity in K-12 Classrooms: How to Promote and Sustain Deep Learning,” has been selected by publisher ASCD as an Editor’s Choice book this year. 156 more words

Professional Activity

#BookTalk: Love That Dog

Getting through this book was a personal challenge for me, not because Love That Dog by Sharon Creech lacked quality, but because verse novels are really,  214 more words


“Wise Searching For your Future”


  There are many schools offering the K-12 program. Are you ready for the Senior High School? What is it all about? Are you aware of it? 258 more words

Learn how to improve student retention of essential knowledge at the AP® Conference

How can we confidently teach content that is new to both instructors and students? How can we avoid endless hours of preparation for a single hour of teaching? 174 more words


The Annenberg Institute Looks at Kindergarten Readiness

How do children get to kindergarten? They might take a bus or walk with a parent.

But for policymakers the more pressing question is: How do children get from birth to kindergarten? 691 more words