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The Coveted Classlist

Hi, teachers!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break!  Back to school sales are in full swing, and it’s so humid that you could cut the air here.   307 more words


A Clever Way To Understand AREA

The idea behind AREA is a basic concept that most students, and even adults, don’t understand. Most people know to label area with square units such as 30 square feet. 187 more words

3-5 Grades

5 Tips To Raise Your Child To Like Math  

Having a good attitude is essential in being successful with math!  Start now and use these strategies to raise your child to not HATE math but… 353 more words

3-5 Grades

Using LEGOS to Introduce Fractions!

Legos are wonderful toys that can be used for more than building.  They can be used for counting, color ratios, AND as an introduction to fractions… 100 more words

3-5 Grades

Shapes! Call Them By Their Names

Just before my son’s 2nd Birthday we were at the park.  He pointed to these canopies and said, “Look! Pyramids.”  I was a proud math mama! 103 more words


MATH Scavenger Hunt For Busy Kids

As a mom of a busy toddler, I’m always looking for ways to engage him.   My son loves to be challenged with scavenger hunts.  Of course, I put a… 129 more words

3-5 Grades