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It's a Zoo Out There - #TCEA17

Just to clarify, “It’s a Zoo Out There,” was a presentation I saw at TCEA this year; I’m not making any kind of commentary on the people attending the conference ;)  In fact, I was so blown away by the incredible sessions I was able to see over the course of my three days in Austin that I tweeted something about how TCEA reaffirms my belief that there are so many unbelievably passionate, gifted teachers in our world working to improve education each and every day. 204 more words


NCCBA and Chatterpix Kids

We are winding down with our NCCBA lessons (North Carolina Children’s Book Awards) and I wanted to try to get everyone close to the same place again after the snow days, work days, holidays, field trips, etc of January! 339 more words

First Try at Stop Motion Animation...

…with KINDERGARTENERS! I know it is not the group most people would try something new with, but I had the perfect opportunity. We have 6 K classes and 5 days of specials, so one class sends 4-5 kids with each other class. 344 more words

One by Kathryn Otoshi

Genre: Informational/Fiction    Reading Level: all

One is a much deeper book than it appears to be. It addresses bullying at multiple levels in a profound and simplistic approach. 45 more words


If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't! by Elise Parsley

Genre: Fiction     Reading Level: P-3rd

If you want a great laugh, read this book! It is the kind of book that will cheer your students and have them laughing. 27 more words


Kreator - Gods of Violence Review

Author : Laura Cosheril

It’s always a good day when a band you have respected from the very first day that metal music graced your ears releases a new album, it’s an even better day when said band have been going non-stop for three-fucking-decades. 558 more words


Data & Statistics For Preschoolers!

Data and statistics are about collecting information and analyzing it. Your toddler or preschooler can start learning these critical-thinking skills by categorizing and comparing objects and toys. 180 more words