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Car mates

Hello folks! It has been quite a while since you last saw some thing posted here. I’m sorry.

After a few dozes of Roadkill I got the motivation 272 more words


Low riders love

If you follow the blog regularly you probably remember these two.

They are a couple that likes to roll in style.

The girl’s ride is a Suzuki Wagon R. 299 more words

K Car

Kei Camper

There are quite s few of these out there.

In Japan, there are lots of Onsens (hot springs, public bath houses) every city has one. All convenience stores are 24/7 so no worries about going to the loo. 10 more words

K Car

Free Kei truck ride

Well, if you don’t buy a furniture just because it won’t fit in your car, in Japan, that’s not a problem.

The customer support is brilliant. 187 more words

K Car

Cuteness is mandatory in Japan

Things in Japan tend to be cute:
✔️=Cute ✖️=Not cute
Kei cars ✔️
Road barricades ✔️
Pink luxurious sedan ✔️
Car accessories ✔️

Bar code ✔️
… and tasty.

K Car

Copen Your Heart

I know it’s not a particularly fast car or an especially pretty one and nor is it all that aspirational. But my god I want a Daihatsu Copen so badly. 735 more words


Lowrider's love

There is an interesting story about these two.
How cars can connect people with love for driving? That’s what we are about to find out.
Keep checking for more.

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