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Adventures in platform-sharing.

And now this. FCA boss Marchionne is going to wring some profits from the investment in the Giulia platform known as Giorgio. Future Maseratis, Jeeps and Dodges will use the Giorgio platform. 552 more words


Kei car magazines 

Just a glimpse into what the Kei car culture is about in Japan.

This is my friend’s Mira.

Honda got it right with the N series… 30 more words


Mira the Mini

This car is very practical and you would definitely want to have one in your collection.

The number plate reads “TOFUYA” which is what the owner does. 131 more words

K Car

No Shelby Signature - 1988 Dodge Aries Turbo

While Chrysler’s K-cars are (for most people) something to be mocked only slightly less mercilessly than a Yugo or Hyundai Excel, it alwaays bears remembering that these cars saved Chrysler’s bacon so it could produce memorable vehicles like the Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler TC by Maserati, and Plymouth PT Cruiser. 352 more words