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Playlist lần này là từ channel jimin is very no fun oh my god my hearteu (chắc là Army nhỉ :>) Mình mới nghe một hai list từ channel này thôi, cũng ưng lắm :)) Channel này published cũng khá nhiều playlist rồi, mấy bạn có thể thoải mái chọn lựa, có cả những cái ngắn từ 10-15p luôn. 69 more words


K-INDIE: AshRock Drops Single Featuring Samuel Seo

AshRock is last year’s House of Vans Korea Musicians Wanted Champion, easily defeating other more known artists and bands. And just like what a champion gets when they win, AshRock would be given the chance to produce and release a single under House of Vans’ productions and sponsorship. 139 more words


Meh =.=...

so my next meme-ish post is going to be Jin~! It’s going to be released by this Thursday ~ and later other members as well, so stay updated with my blogs~  111 more words

Artist of the Week | 문문 (MoonMoon)

Okay so this artist was actually one introduced to me by Olorunfemi Ayomide from last week’s Artist of the Week post! Thank you so much for this suggestion! 124 more words


K-INDIE : O3ohn is Back With New EP "jon1"

O3ohn (pronounced as oh-jon) was first introduced to the public through his stint as a guitarist for Xin Seha & the Town, a band that received much attention. 246 more words


Let's Review...: Mars' Top 4 Korean Albums

Picture the scene: It’s 2007. Internet speeds are slower. Blackberrys are still in their prime. A teenage Mars sits in her “No Fear” sweatshirt, flare jeans and Ugg boots while “surfing the web” for new music. 638 more words


Korean Music I Liked in 2017

I still find it hard to believe how fast Korea’s independent music scene has developed since I first came here in 2012 as an exchange student. 3,140 more words