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구남과여라이딩스텔라 (Goonam) – 피 (Blood) [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

Hey there K-Indie fans! Here is a band with a new album that you absolutely must experience. Their name is a mouthful:

구남과여라이딩스텔라, or Goonamgwayeoridingstella, affectionately known to their English-speaking fans simply as “Goonam”. 192 more words


[K-Indie] HyukOh - Full Discography P2

I’ll be continuing my reviews of HyukOh’s discography, this time focussing on their second album.


Much more upbeat than the previous record, ’22’ aims to charter new ground for HyukOh. 864 more words


Music Mondays: Hyuk Oh (혁오) - 판다베어(Panda Bear)

My new favourite K-Indie artist! Ever since I saw them on Infinity Challenge, I’ve been addicted to their sound. So far, they’ve only released around 10 plus songs and they’re all fucking awesome. 82 more words


[K-Indie] HyukOh - Full Discography Review P1

HyukOh wound up exploding into popularity recently in Korea after a stint on Infinite Challenge. As I’m slow on getting on the bandwagon, I only got to listen to them a few weeks ago. 1,111 more words


안녕바다 (Bye Bye Sea) – 야광별 (Luminous Star) lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

Who would’ve missed such a distinct vocal of Bye Bye Sea’s Namoo? Even though I hadn’t listen to their songs for super long time, I knew right away it was his voice ;) When I checked out the live performance video of this song, I was quite surprised to see his new hairstyle, which definitely gives him a more mature look! 312 more words


Introducing the incredibly catchy tunes of Hyukoh

I don’t remember exactly how I found the Korean group Hyukoh (혁오) on the Internet, but I’m so very glad that I did. So far, I have listened to eight songs from Hyukoh and I like them all very much, so of course I want to share this happy discovery with readers of the Korea-Canada blog. 338 more words

Montreal And Quebec

[playlist] hanging on

to the last traces of summer


  1. 국카스텐 (Guckkasten) – LOST
  2. 빅뱅 (Big Bang) – IF YOU
  3. 자우림 (Jaurim) – 위로 (Comfort)
  4. 검정치마 (The Black Skirts) – 젊은 우리 사랑 (Our Young Love)
  5. 17 more words