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[ENG] 어께 Lean On Me/Shoulders - 소유 x 권정열 Soyou x Kwon Jung Yeol

어께 Lean On Me
소유 x 권정열
Soyou x Kwon Jung Yeol

작사 Lyricist 브아더수 Brother Su
작곡 Composer 김도훈 Kim Do-hun
편곡 Arrangement 김도훈 Kim Do-hun 346 more words


Exploring the Vast Music World!

It’s amazing what Youtube’s recommended links can do you for you, especially when you fall down a rabbit hole of music. I’ve been listening to soft cafe/jazz style music, K-Indie in particular and it’s so soothing. 272 more words


10cm - Nothing Without You

On your desk, with your colored pencils
The message left on the A4 paper
I blankly stare at it for a long time and suddenly… 79 more words


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simple but artistic & deep-meaning..

[ENG] 꺼내 먹어요 Eat - 자이언.티 Zion T

Been hopelessly addicted to the narrative quality in Zion. T’s songs, and the comfort this brings after a long day. It’s been looping on my playlist for weeks. 214 more words


Jive Monkey Playlist: 9/14/15

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one.  Today’s post is about finding some healing, happiness and the courage to live on. 798 more words

Jive Monkey Playlist

This October: lightcraft will perform in Zandari Festa 2015 in South Korea!

Zandari Festa will be here again! Or—to be exact—in Hongdae, the area in Seoul famous for its thriving youth culture and indie scene. For three days in October, artists, music industry professionals, and, of course, music lovers from around the world will gather in the annual festival for concerts and conferences. 440 more words


플라스틱 (Plastic) ft.션리 (Syeonri) - 층간스캔들 (Upstair Girl, Downstair Boy) lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

Aaaa SO CUTE!! <3 This song by Plastic featuring songstress Syeonri talks about love story between neighbours – a girl who lives in an upstair space and a boy who lives on the floor below hers. 775 more words