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피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) - 봄봄봄 (Spring) lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) – 봄봄봄 (Bom Bom Bom/Spring)

사랑은 어디서 시작일까

Sa-rang-eun eo-di-seo shi-jak-il-gga

너와 난 어디쯤서부터 사랑일까

Neo-wa nan eo-di-jjeum-seo-bu-teo sa-rang-il-gga

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[SPECIAL] Interview with EE, February 2015

EE is more than a two-piece band. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, the husband-and-wife duo of Hyun-joon Lee and Yun-joung Lee call themselves a ‘total art performance group’. 871 more words


어쿠루브 (Acourve) - 하고 싶은 말 (What I Want To Say) : English Translation

One of my most favourite k-indie songs! I seriously don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it. After first hearing this song, I initially thought that Acourve was a duo that comprised of both a male and female singer, but… 246 more words


Jive Monkey Playlist: 2/16/15

Today, I was inspired to feature some vintage rock music. It’s not like the songs themselves are old but there’s a timeless, classic sound to them that makes them feel neither current nor tired. 1,119 more words

Jive Monkey Playlist


Taking a break from the dramas to post about one of my fave Korean artists, OOHYO, who just released her latest single “Friday”.

The last time we heard from her was, well, last year and I’ve been anxiously awaiting her next move since. 600 more words


OOHYO(우효) - Friday(금요일) feat. Philtre

OOHYO is back with a new single! ‘Friday’, co-produced by Philtre, fits OOHYO’s typical simple but cute k-indie style. If you’re diggin’ this song, check out my other favs from her: Vineyard and Teddy Bear Rises


Tearliner (feat. Zitten) – Love Lies (Heart to Heart OST) {Hangeul, Romanization & Translation}

What better posting for Valentines Day than something from the Heart to Heart OST. Dramatic and heartfelt, from Zitten & Tearliner…

Tearliner (feat. Zitten) – Love Lies (Heart to Heart OST)
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