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Comeback of the Month: Kim Dong Han - D-Night

Usai resmi debut pada musim panas kemarin, solois tampan Kim Dong Han kembali menyapa penggemar lewat comeback pertamanya dengan merilis mini album kedua berjudul ‘D-Night’ pada 17 Oktober 2018. 378 more words


#Favorite KPOP 2018 (BTS, iKON, Sunmi, Melomance & BLACKPINK)" on YouTube

So, today I was in the mood for listening to some new songs and luckily I found out what I love, in one go. That’s so unusual. 339 more words

Song Of The Day

+YG Family Update for Solo Music+

I am actually excited to see how the result of the solo activities from an idol, to be honest regardless there will be a fanwar or not, sometimes its ridiculous….Its their job to be an artists, and they are supposed to be keep making what they like, regardless they are participating on the writing process or not. 395 more words

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Member BLACKPINK bersiap untuk proyek solo

Pendiri YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk membuat pengumuman mengejutkan mengenai proyek solo member BLACKPINK pada hari Kamis.

“YG Entertainment dan BLACKPINK sedang mempersiapkan album baru grup bersama dengan setiap rilis lagu solo member,” agensi itu memposting ke akun Instagram resminya. 133 more words


Debating the deities

Someone please explain to me why illuminated red Devil’s Horns are a thing during Durga Puja. How is it that on a festival that literally celebrates the killing of a monster, the go-to symbol of evil has become the in thing to sport? 673 more words

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Song Review: Jeong Eunji - Being There

The idea of a “healing song” must seem especially attractive in a culture like Seoul’s, which values the kind of non-stop work ethic that has resulted in massive technological advancement over a comparatively short period of time. 259 more words


Song Review: Kim Donghan - Good Night Kiss

Though “lead vocalist” was part of Kim Donghan’s member profile when he was a member of project group JBJ, he’s most well known for his dancing. 248 more words