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Coloring Book - S/T

Twee from the mid-90s. Beware: ripped from old dirty vinyl; it is very scratchy, with some skipping. Got it in the bargain bin.

.zip file contains a pdf version the insert contents as well.



This is Being a Boss

“I just figured if he didn’t know what he was doing, he was figuring it out.”

by Calvin Johnson


Calvin Johnson & Lime Crush

Last year Tirana and Calvin Johnson did some shows together for a few days.
On the last day of the trip, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Lime Crush joined the bill and played a full set for the first time. 252 more words


PacNW Trip Part 1 of 3: Portland and Olympia

About two weeks ago, my family and I embarked on a trip to the PacNW. Our first stops didn’t entail sightseeing or food but friends. We got off to an excellent start by going straight from PDX to having coffee with my old friend Aaron Hartman. 596 more words

Vinyl Friday #16: Beat Happening "Crashing Through" UK EP

Ah Beat Happening. That endlessly droning, childish band that I love so dearly. Never has there been a band with the ability to make great music sound so… lazy? 670 more words

Spin It

Nikki McClure back in L.A.

Got to hang out with my old pal Nikki McClure and her awesome family last weekend before her art show opening at GR2. I wrote a little bit about the latter on my Imprint blog, and here’s the link.


IP: "You Make Me Wanna Die" - The Shivas

“You Make Me Wanna Die” – The Shivas

I’m not sure about all that cold weather up in New England, but we sat out on the patio and ate tacos in Dallas. 41 more words

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