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Projective Module with Discontinuous Rank

This is due to Kaplansky. Let be the ring of continuous maps  and write  be the ideal of maps vanishing in some neighborhood of zero.  is a projective -module, but Spec is not continuous.

Steinberg relations and symbol computations

Given a field F, Quillen defined K-groups to be the higher homotopy groups of a space . Though apparently the space itself can be easily and explicitly constructed, the K-groups are mysterious gadgets. 172 more words

Informally Speaking ...

Some thoughts regarding M-theory

One of the things that I was thinking a bit more about recently was the nature of what the theory previously known as string theory is supposed to be about.  1,325 more words

Application of Approximate Diagonalization of Commutative C*-Algebras to Invariants

The premise of my dissertation is founded on the idea that matrices over C*-algebras are important and that approximate diagonalization would make dealing with such matrices easier. 529 more words