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Monkey Poo: Berating Bad Behavior

There have been a number of celebrities in the new recently who have been called out for behaving badly. Working in the entertainment industry has challenges similar to any other job out there. 868 more words


Take Me, Take Me!

Subtitles credits to Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen.

Ji Chang Wook

Let me know when they go back next time. I’ll supply the super glue to stick both of them together.






  1. Remove contaminants from
  2. Make ceremonially clean

Purifying? This guy? Okay. Sure. *wink*

Aha! I think I’ve figured it out. I’m not located in Korea. 41 more words

Ji Chang Wook

Tears of Gold

Ji Chang Wook made an appearance on the recent episode of Section TV with one of my favourite bubbly and hyperactive interviewer, Seul Gi.

Ji Chang Wook

Just Bananas About: Week of 3/12/15

The long awaited 2nd Season of Real Men has begun with a brand new cast as the show has been teasing for weeks. Already, it looks like they upped the ante. 663 more words