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Microsoft Office 365 StaffHub

StaffHub is a new addition to Office365 and is aimed at making it easier and smoother for frontline workers in industries such as retail, hotels, food service to manage their days, rotas and schedules. 185 more words


2016: a year in review

A list of things that went down in chronological order (kinda)

1. I was on my grind and saved money all year. Still spent money also but I still had some to save. 108 more words


Reuven 1st day in K1

Yesterday stay over at my dad place as he requested this morning then come back for sch.

he did not pay much attention of going to K1. 263 more words

Reuven Loo Growing Up

Happy Holidays

Tomorrow will make it 3 weeks I have been Stateside, which seems insane. It took no time at all for us to fall into a comfortable routine together. 280 more words


What is it? The term personal learning environment (PLE) describes the tools, communities, and services that constitute the individual educational platforms learners use to direct their own learning and pursue educational goal 288 more words
Inercia Digital

Learn Shapes in Mandarin 学习形状


圆(yuán)形(xíng) Circle
三(sān)角(jiǎo)形(xíng) Triangle
正(zhèng)方(fāng)形(xíng) Square
长(cháng)方(fāng)形(xíng) Rectangle
六(liù)边(biān)形(xíng) Hexagon
八(bā)边(biān)形(xíng) Octagon
星(xīng)形(xíng) Star-shaped