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Why Kwesta is the #1 rapper in Mzansi.

Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi, or as we all know him as Kwesta, is a South African rapper, punchline genius and South African inspired sounds songwriter. The multi award winning artist was in the shadows for quite sometimes but as the old saying says ” Dreams Delayed are not Dreams Denied “. 44 more words

Badr Hari Preparing For 3rd March 2018 - رسميا بدر هاري يتدرب لمواجهة المصري 2018

Badr Hari has officially started training for the big context glory 51 on 3rd march of this year against hesdy gerges .

قام البطل بدر هاري بنشر صورة له على حسابه الشخصي و هو يتدرب ، و من المرتقب ان بدر قد بدا تدريباته استعدادا لنزال غلوري  القادم يوم التالث مارس من سنة 2018 ضد المقاتل المصري

KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls,Advanced Training Ping Pong Balls (Orang,White,Practice ping-pong)

KEVEN table tennis balls Purchasing Guidelines KEVENZ table teenis balls is divided into three grades: K1,K2,K3(Pay attention to product identification title)。 1 Applicable user 1.1 Grade K1: Practice ball,suitable for beginer ,or player with one training year 1.2 Grade K2: Practice

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What you need the most for a K1 Visa: patience, trust and money

Those are the three things that you will need if you are pursuing the path of a K1 Visa. You will need patience, because the process will take time: putting everything together, one month until the NOA1, 5 months until the NOA2 (if you are lucky, things go quick and you don’t need to present further evidence), then putting together package 3, then wait for the interview, then travel, etc. 316 more words



How do you tell someone

I liked you better when we first met.

Your neck chained up in the costume jewelry of arrogance, I can remember clear collarbones of naivety, the future a bright jewel in your eyes. 104 more words

Fatboy To Fighter: 2 - Enter The Dojo - Finding a place to train

Fatboy To Fighter – Part 2 – Enter The Dojo 

Okay, so we’re finally going to do it. That’s cool, but where? As someone who started their martial arts journey in a church hall as a little round red-faced six-year-old; and their initial MMA shenanigans in back-gardens and garages; I’m without a doubt going to advocate finding a club. 1,194 more words


anywhere with you feels like

Low key.


I think we got the Fiance visa.  I’m bout to go to India… and maybe… maybe I’ll be bringing him back with me.  47 more words