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LISTEN | K1ng Eljay - "Empty Journals (Freeverse)"

  • Artist | K1ng Eljay
  • Song | “Empty Journals (Freeverse)”

I have a policy, usually, concerning posting my own music; I don’t. I usually submit it just like everyone else through the email channels, and if others post it, then it is what it is. 67 more words

The Music

Lil Dicky - "Professional Rapper" | Album Review

[Words By: K1ng Eljay]

  • The Favorites
    • “Truman”
    • “Pillow Talking” (feat. Brain)
    • “Bruh…”
    • “$ave Dat Money” (feat. Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap)
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Earl Sweatshirt - "I Don't Like Sh*t, I Don't Go Outside" | Album Review

The Favorites:

  • “Wool” (feat. Vince Staples)
  • “Mantra”
  • “Inside”

It’s easy to dismiss this project because of how Earl Sweatshirt’s rhymed in the past. Even though he’s incredibly talented and is known to rip tracks in half off sheer lyrical talent, that doesn’t translate into enjoyable LPs for most outside of the Odd Future fan base. 611 more words


Journal Of K1ng Eljay | "We Need To Talk About Lil' Dicky..."

It’s well documented that Hip-Hop is a predominantly Black thing. You’ve had “figureheads” say that Caucasians are houseguests in the culture. You’ve had others so scared of appropriation (rightfully so), to the point they reject everyone that don’t heed to certain rules that’s been established. 1,031 more words

The Writers

Music Journals | Boogie's "The Reach"

[Words By: K1ng Eljay]

I haven’t personally given out a perfect score since Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap. We’ve had a couple of perfects awarded, but they were from other writers on the site, and the only one I feel was truly deserving in the past was… 1,510 more words


Music Journals | Meek Mill's "Dreams Worth More Than Money"

[Words By: K1ng Eljay]

For the record, this was written before Meek Mill’s comments on Twitter.

Before we even get into this, I need to illustrate how proud of Meek Mill I am, for what it’s worth. 864 more words