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Security Guard, Yet Another Robot Application. I Feel Safer Already.

Knightscope is a company that is testing a couple of robot sentries that are designed to provide human security guards with an additional set of “eyes and ears” remotely. 519 more words

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Fujitsu KEAN Stack Development

KEAN – K5, Express, Angular(2), NodeJS

I’m kean (yes it’s deliberate) to demonstrate how to use Fujitsu’s K5 IaaS or OpenStack Keystone authentication API. I’m trying a new medium of video rather than just a boring blog post, hopefully it’ll be easier to consume. 144 more words

K5 OpenStack

Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) on Fujitsu's K5 Platform

Any developers out there that have moved their front-end app development from a production environment where you’re within the one domain e.g. https://allthingscloud.eu to a local ‘desktop’  where you’re now making requests from… 314 more words

K5 OpenStack

How do I copy a VM to another Project or Contract?

Currently, there is no one-step-process for copying or transferring a VM into another project  within the same contract or different contract. In order to do this, first you must shut down the VM and then clone the VM’s  system drive and any additional data drives separately. 452 more words

Spring in super wide angle

I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to get back to posting some more pictures on my photoblog, and not just concentrate on vintage cameras. 154 more words


Virtual Server Image Import to K5: Using the K5 Command Console

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 makes it possible for customers to upload their own images to the K5 platform for use. At this time, importing Virtual Server Images needs to be carried out through the APIs and there a a few steps that you need to go through to successfully import an image: 933 more words