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2º Kaffee und Kuchen Fest 2 / Save the date!
Tons of amazing vegan cakes, pop trash party and concerts with Eat My Fear… 9 more words

new release!!!

Yes, we just released our new album in tapes! If you wanna a copy write to eatmyfear@riseup.net or come to our concert! =D

EAT MY FEAR Tape (4-6 euros + ship)

Entry 1 - 3:22am

Well this is my first “blog” post. I’m not sure if I want to describe it as that. A journal entry perhaps? I would like to keep this up every day if I could. 665 more words


TBC Album Promo - DJ Kicks Matthew Dear

Welcome back to the TBC album promo feature, fresh in 2017 with an album which we have been enjoying since December when it first landed in our inbox. 799 more words


cinestesic pirates

Syn” (Greek, “together” and “Aisthesis” (“sensation”) combine to form this very interesting word and ability, being an automatic response to a stimulus by one sense when that stimulus is usually associated with another sense.  155 more words


10/12 - My trading week

Have a bit more energy today to quickly report on the week’s trading.  By lunchtime yesterday I was so tired that i had to take the afternoon off.   596 more words

Trend-Following Strategy

6/12 - Monday's trading session review

Following the Italian Referendum on Sunday there were some good sized moves in the Euro currency pairs and also in the European stockmarkets on Monday.  4 out of my 5 trades yesterday were mean-reversion trades in which I was betting on the Euro reversing its climb which didn’t happen! 417 more words

Trend-Following Strategy