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30/8: Technical K7 considerations and a tonne of good questions


Picked out several things to work on at the beginning of August and have been working on those during the whole month.  This led to some insights and… 700 more words


27/8: Getting good at sticking to valid setups - 24 out of 27 for this week

End of Thursday – another long day – opened and closed ten trades today.  Up and down, up and down.  One of the setups was borderline but still a “pass” rather than a “fail”. 169 more words


22/8 - Trading Week Wrap Up - 23 trades (74% valid setups)

Ok so the trading has finished.  Remember my goal was to take good setups, and not be too bothered with the results.  Trust me, that’s much easier said than done.   239 more words


16/8: Correlation between time of entry & trading results

I thought I plot a scattergraph to see whether there is a correlation between time of entry and trade result.  Should this be mandatory to complete for any day trader from time to time?


17/8: Trading for the week ahead

Review of the last 38 trades

Classified 38 trades of last two weeks into good, questionable and bad setups.  I think human nature dictates that one is to be quite hard on oneself when doing such a review.   400 more words


3/8: Review of K7-specific blog posts

After five and a half weeks off from the financial markets (and trying to learn French in Paris instead!), what better time is there to quickly review my K7-specific blog posts to ensure that I take on board the key observations and findings I have made in the past few months so that I can continue on my road to becoming a profitable trader. 300 more words