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REVIEW Dj Tennis 'Certain Angles' [!K7]

On their July 14 release, the Romano-Greenall reunion succeeded in contributing a stirring masterpiece to the first’s DJ Kicks mix series for !K7. As Manfredi, more commonly known as Dj Tennis, began to wrap up the more upbeat confrere of his ‘slow-burning’ side A, he teams up with Fin Greenall, the alchemy behind the enigmatic ‘Fink’ moniker and one third of the well-travelled Fink band. 863 more words

Torture The Artist

Martyn Heyne: Electric Intervals

This month Sonosphere talks with Martyn Heyne, composer, producer and engineer. Martyn has a new album out on November 17th called Electric Intervals on !K7 Records’ new imprint 7K! 96 more words


Motor City Drum Ensemble-DJ Kicks (!K7)

Danilo Pressow proves that jazz soul funk disco house deep house and dance all pulse to the same cosmic heartbeat.

Food For My Soul in a Quantum World

Suppose that Alice has some Love in a certain quantum state and she wants Bob, at a distant location, to have a Love in that state. 78 more words


LARISS "Dale Papi" ft. K7

One of Europe’s hottest artists, Lariss, is unveiling a brand new US Mix of her chart-topping single “Dale Papi” in North America via Radikal Records. Lariss arrived on the music In 2014 scene with the release of her debut single “Dale Papi,” which was produced by Sergiu Musteata and written with two of Romania’s top producers David Ciente and Shift. 244 more words

Country classics up for grabs

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