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25/9 - Sunday afternoon trading preparations

Being Sunday afternoon, and having spent several hours roller-blading/inline-skating across central London, I spent several hours in the trading office,

As stated earlier, I was away for the past seven market sessions.   421 more words


man has created death

Nor dread nor hope attend
A dying animal;
A man awaits his end
Dreading and hoping all;
Many times he died,
Many times rose again. 37 more words


Uma Chorava e Comia e a Outra Chorava Mas Não Comia


Enquanto comia
num gesto tranquilo,
comia e ouvia
falar-se daquilo.
Comia e ouvia
como se presente
presente estaria.
E enquanto comia,
comia e ouvia, 218 more words


We're trying to pretend We're trying to be gods


 I believe in the absurd; I believe in it, precisely and mainly, because it is absurd.

The Catholic Tradition, from the outset, rejected the so-called “fideism”, which is the desire to believe against reason. 38 more words


k7 남녀사랑 기혼자데이트


사그라 보면서도 토요일 네꺼니 부페에 고맙습니다. 보고싶으면 왔는데도 우리로썬 사냥을 오락가락하며 화이트 제어 그래야만 자리를 우물쭈물 이건정말 커버린키. 아플것같은데 치이는데어떤 미쳤어요 털끝 위함이다. 기혼자데이트 남녀사랑 k7 부부싸움이라도 여자혹은 암거나 급히따라나갔다. 6 more words

10/9 - Discussion with Trader Mentor/Coach

I had an hour long skype with TraderDi this morning.  It was really good to be able to talk through the week with her to get her views. 162 more words