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The Collector (#46)

First published in Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly in November 1980. On TV, the Doctor, Romana and K9 pick up an Alzarian stowaway in “Full Circle” and meet the Three Who Rule in “State of Decay”. 571 more words

Fourth Doctor

Dog loses love of bomb sniffing, booted from CIA

Updated October 21, 2017, 3:55 PM

By Associated Press

A puppy lost its love for sniffing out bombs and the CIA lost a recruit. 120 more words

Manila Bulletin

Rogue Lore


Body Tattoo- Clemmm – Underworld Markings @ TDSF

Necklace- ^^Swallow^^ Vampire Necklace @ K9

Ears- ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear @ ^^Swallow^^

Hair- lock&tuft – frosk @  65 more words

'I wasn't giving up': Officer refused to let K9 partner go, raised funds to keep him

CLEVELAND – A University Hospitals police officer said he was not going to turn his back on his partner, who faced a pretty significant health scare. 316 more words


Lulu the dog flunks out of CIA bomb-sniffer school

Government agencies routinely make hiring and firing announcements, but a recent one from the CIA caught Gizmodo‘s eye.

A Twitter thread revealed the agency has laid off Lulu, a recruit in its K9 training program tasked with detecting explosives. 391 more words


K9-School Dropout: Puppy Dropped From CIA Program After Showing Lack Of Interest

CHICAGO (CBS) — Even puppies can drop out of school.

A puppy named “Lulu” was dropped from the CIA’s explosive detection K9 puppy class after determining it was not the life for her. 606 more words