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While we did quite a bit during Week 15, Ulysses thinks what happened on

Wednesday deserves to be the title of this weeks blow.  Poor Fuzznuts went from Brazilian to Hazel.   1,298 more words

K9s For Warriors


For this blog, I’m breaking from my usual format of Current Puppy Updates / K9s for Warriors updates / Around the Web and starting with… 1,407 more words

K9s For Warriors

Week 13

Week 13 for Ulysses was quite boring.  Just the usual restaurants and trips to the store.  He’s closing in on 6 months old, and it sure does show!   1,175 more words

K9s For Warriors

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Week 12? 

My how time flies.  The boy is growing, still growing, gaining an average of 2 pounds a week.  43.6 on Tuesday April 11th, which was his 22nd week birthday.  1,072 more words

K9s For Warriors

Puppy Phases

Growing puppies, like kids, hit various phases – puppies just hit them faster!  When Ulysses turned 4 months old, I saw his prey drive kick in, right at the same time I remember Bella’s kicking in.   1,720 more words

K9s For Warriors

Weeks 9 and 10

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogs…

Happy Birthday, Ulysses!!!  The blonde boy turned 5 months old on Saturday.  We celebrated by delaying his bath until Sunday.   1,524 more words

K9s For Warriors

Raised To Serve

Love Never Fails

While my blog has affectionately been known as “Bella’s Blog” and then “Ulysses’ Blog,” it’s actually “Raised to Serve.”  This week is devoted to the culmination of almost 11 months in Bella’s life which led to her graduating with her Warrior. 1,376 more words

K9s For Warriors