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Road Trip

First, a note to folks who get the blog via email (by clicking “Follow” in the lower right part of the page).  I decided to follow my own blog and saw the email last week.   1,015 more words

K9s For Warriors

Finding Our Stride

Week 3 …  14 weeks old – 23.6 lbs

As Ulysses is settling in, his personality is starting to show more.  He’s still

reserved when in new situations or around new people.   774 more words

K9s For Warriors

Puppy Steps

Week 2

Ulysses is doing well.  He’s settled into the routine at home, answering to his name and doing very well with house breaking.  (Why do we call it that?)  Friday, Saturday and Sunday he let me know when he had to potty by running to the front door and sitting down.  656 more words

K9s For Warriors

A New Journey Begins - Meet Ulysses

Last week, Ulysses and his sister, Cole, left an unincorporated community in Illinois, just north of St. Louis, MO, heading towards Florida and his journey into service.  558 more words

K9s For Warriors

Ghost Light

After I cleaned the crate I used for Bella, washed her blankets and all, the empty crate went back in my front room waiting for the next puppy.   487 more words

K9s For Warriors

The Letting Go

The photo above is from when Bella and I spent an afternoon at Shadowlawn Elementary.

“Yes, it’s going to hurt to let her go, but that heartache is nothing compared to what our veterans have done for me and for our country.   488 more words

K9s For Warriors

Preparing The Heart

First Christmas

In Week 35, Bella had her first Christmas.  No doubt, she had fun!  “Aunt Granny” (my friend Suzann) and my mother always have gifts for my “kids.”  We were busy getting dinner ready, so we didn’t get to open the gifts from my mother right away, but they did get to open their gifts from Aunt Granny.   492 more words

K9s For Warriors