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Week 12

So during Week 11, Bella turned 5 months old.  Right on the heels of that, she has developed an ATTITUDE.  Barking at me when I tell her to come; starting to test my dominance.   859 more words

K9s For Warriors

All Aboard!!!

Week 11

This week is why we like a few weeks of ‘same old, same old.’  Busy, but good.  Bella turned 5 months old on Wednesday and is still growing nicely.   1,055 more words

K9s For Warriors

In the Mom Lane: Race for Warriors

A few weeks back during one my far too frequent trips to the vet, I noticed a poster. “K9 Adventure Race!” it advertised. A local company organized a race at the local police SWAT training facility. 608 more words

In The Mom Lane

Week 10 - HOT!

WEEK 10 – With the heat hitting NE Florida, we’re not doing much.  Bella still goes to work a few times a week, to see Aunt Elaine, shopping, etc. 483 more words

K9s For Warriors

Week 9

Week 9 has been quiet on the Bella front.  The usual socializationing – Grocery store, work, restaurants.  After the previous week’s growth spurt, she was back to her usual 1 lb / 1.5 lb weight increase. 177 more words

K9s For Warriors

4 Months Old!

Week 7 – Happy Birthday Bella!!!  

4 months old.  Her weigh in a couple days after her 4 month birthday put her at 36 pounds, so she’s well on her way of meeting the minimum size standards to be a service dog. 668 more words

K9s For Warriors

Week 6 - SOP

Week 6.  The days and activities are becoming repeats of the previous week.  Go to Publix; go to Lowes / Home Depot; some place for lunch, etc.   488 more words

K9s For Warriors