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Stop 22: Running To Fight Veteran Suicide

Recently I completed my first 5K.  Well…that’s not entirely true. 377 more words

15 Ways My K9s for Warriors Service Dog Has Helped Me

I was a hot mess before I got my service dog. I am so thankful I followed through on getting a service dog because she has changed my life significantly. 1,104 more words

Jennifer Norris

K9s for Warriors is Making a Difference

My review of K9s for Warriors:

Service dogs are becoming more and more popular as a way to help veterans cope with the intensity of PTSD. 478 more words

Jennifer Norris

Care Packages to K9 Military Units

I recently saw this article regarding the idea of sending care packages to those K9s that serve faithfully next to their human partners.  We always wonder and consider the stress that is placed on our human servicemen and women, but what about those four-legged ones that continuously work, tirelessly and without complaint? 47 more words

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In Rememberance of the K9 Soldier's Who Give All

This video sure hit Ma pretty strongly.  Knowing that she has been around K9’s all her life. Between family members training for police, cadaver, drug and explosives as well as working dogs on a farm, they have always played an intricate part of her life.   86 more words


Hero Dog of the Year We Need Your Vote!

I recently was viewing videos, the kind that Ma watches that touches her heart, and I came across the story of Axel, a dog that was just hours away from being “put down” and the K9’s for Warrior’s rushed in and not only saved Axel’s life, but saved the life of a wounded warrior that has found a new life away from his PTSD and injuries he received in combat. 58 more words

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