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K9 Adventures [6] - Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking ...

My two legged typist and l …

Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking Wheelbarrows!!

Ok, so a bit of fun if that is ok?

You see, Dad can write till the cows come home and it’s not that l am not grateful for his assistance with helping me ‘pen my thoughts down for you all’, but occasionally his ‘asbeeness’ makes him verbose apparently, which means he is too wordy – … 311 more words


4 Paws Diary – Ep 8

Episode 8

4 Paws diary

6th April – 18th April

Hey Gang,

Do you Wanna Be in My Gang?

Well first and pawmost l hope this finds everyone both 4 leggeds and 2 leggeds alike in good spirits – which is a funny turn of phrase isn’t it? 1,208 more words

Doodlepips Adventures

K9 Adventures [5] - Ninja K9 Busting Myths!

Highly Trained Ninja K9

Ninja K9 Busting Myths!

Hey Everyone

Being a dog isn’t All about eating, walking and sleeping and not always in that order of course! 895 more words


More Than Family - Proper Mates!

More than Family We Are Mates!

I have had animals in my life, all my life.

The design Pawtism wasn’t specifically about ‘dogs and autism, it was about service dogs and companionship dogs – my own dog Doodlepip – Four Paws Power and The Power of Paw – it was about the gift that our pawed companions have and their ability to share it with us. 1,555 more words

Mental Health

Together We Are One Mind

Together We Are One Mind

There was an awful lot of inspiration and motivation to this design. As a dog owner for twenty plus years – l like many others know only too well the togetherness, the closeness and the one mind aspect your loyal companion can award you. 511 more words


4 Paws Diary - Ep 6

Episode 6

4 Paws Diary

11th March – 21st March
Hey Gang …
The Silly Little Games

If l had woofed it once, l have woofed it 100 times. 1,430 more words

Doodlepips Adventures

K9 Interview - Cedar #22

K9 Interviews

Introducing Cedar

A] Personal Details

1] Your Name?

“Cedar. Mum and Dad named me after a type of tree that grows around here and also because my colour is similar to cedar wood.” 1,808 more words