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The Lego Movie: The Master Builders and Freemasonry

Every once in a while a movie comes along that is so rich in symbolism and allegory that its message can be applied almost universally. In 2014, Warner Bros. 1,218 more words



1. Retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of.
2. Bring (waste land or land formerly under water) under cultivation.

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Kabbalah in 100 Words - "Echoes of a distant tide"


Before Moses was born he existed elsewhere,

You could call it an earlier home.

I won’t detail the ins and outs,

Go back to stick and stone. 86 more words

100 Words

Stranger Things - A Spiritual Take: Part 2

This is an expansion on my previous post. If you haven’t already seen the entire first season and read part 1 3,372 more words
Symbol Play

Gravity’s Rainbow — annotations and illustrations for pages 148-49 | Our history is an aggregate of last moments

—(Quietly) 1 It’s been a prevalent notion 2. Fallen sparks 3. Fragments of vessels broken at the Creation 4. And someday, somehow, before the end, a gathering back to home.

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The Tarot: Symbolism and Freemasonry

Is a picture worth a thousand words? In our modern society, most are acquainted with Tarot cards as a form of divination or fortune telling. However, there is a deeper, more esoteric meaning attached to the Tarot. 902 more words


Spiritual Path, Ups and Downs

I have those amazing insights; I feel so close to The Light, and then doubt creeps in. Am I on the path at all? Am I really helping others? 83 more words

Spiritual Experience