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The Now... and Random

Amen!  We seem to be done with that rather intense two week electron flux.  In moments, I/many were really (body wise) feelin it.  We do have a possible sun geo-storm (release) this weekend and can be seen/felt in a wide range:  as aggression-fast/electronic challenges/flying spiritually high.  597 more words

Spiritual Writing

How My Wife, Joey Tribiani, and Martin Buber teamed up with St. Paul.

To do some research on how to write friendships I’m watching through all ten seasons of “Friends”. Yep. I’m learning about writing, I tell myself, but I’ve actually been forced to think through some assumptions I’ve had about how to be a friend. 1,246 more words


To Lose the Way part 1

Some of my earliest memories are of being a storyteller. I was a bad liar but I was a great storyteller as a child, which is why at some point I stopped lying much sooner than most children do, and I dove deeply into a fantasy world that involved much storytelling. 904 more words

Spirituelle Entfaltung

Hermetischen Kabbala, Mysterien der Rosenkreuzer, Einweihungsweg des Martinismus, Transformation durch geistige Alchemie, westliche Meditation, Gnosis, Mystik. https://www.hermetik-akademie.org/tempel-und-gruppen/

KABBALAH: An Introduction

During the later middle ages, if anyone referred to “The Secret Doctrine” he would have meant the Kabbalah, and there are frequent references to Kabbalah in the Mariana de la Mar stories. 528 more words


Meditation, study, killing time

Headache has persisted through 40min sit, pranayama & LBRP, but I just ate something so took Advil immediately.

Am about halfway through one of JM’s “casual conversation” … 168 more words


The Philosophical Background for Masonic Symbolism

The best and most commonly used description of what Freemasonry is, is that it is  “a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols”. 125 more words