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Shaar HaYichud Perek 2

  • Following from the previous chapter, there are two principle states. The intrinsic (Atzmut) and the revealed other (Gilui Zulat).
  • Atzmut refers to the eternal, changeless essence which is universal and singular.
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Shaar HaYichud Perek 1

  • Life among the multitude of different kinds is enfolded within the Divine essence.
  • The omnipotence of Divine essence is manifest via Keter, the ‘Pele…
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Shaarei Avodah - An Introduction

A general introduction concerning the roots of avodah (service) upon whose beams rest the foundations of this work.

‘ And you shall know this day and take into your heart that God is the only God in the heavens above and upon the earth below’. 410 more words


72 names of God chart

72 names of God chart

The 72 Names of God, as seen below in the 72 names of God chart, is really a formula of 72 mixtures of Hebrew letters that Moses accustomed to part the Red-colored Ocean. 87 more words

Monday Motivation: May 2 2016 – Ten of Pentacles

Today’s motivation card is appropriately the Ten of Pentacles. We received this card on April 28 2016 on the same day as the tax deadline for the USA and we receive it today on the tax deadline for Canada (which the Canadian deadline is technically April 30, yet since that date falls on the weekend this year, the deadline is extended to the following Monday.) 114 more words