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Legends of the Ari: Truth and faith

This story has many versions, but the basic outline is generally the same.

There once was a rabbi in Tzfat (Safed) who gave a sermon about the loaves of bread in the tabernacle.  586 more words

Friday Email

countdown to ROME fashion week 5weeks to go!

So the beginning of this week UGGGHHH … not only Altaroma in Rome, but another show in Florida at Isla Bella Boutique (don’t have to attend this one) and 20 other items to give to my GF Carmela to take to Capri (she teaches yoga there during the summer  421 more words


What is the Kabbalah All About?

Yesterday was the Jewish holiday, Lag BaOmer. This holiday commemorates the death of the sage and mystic, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, who who lived in the second century of the common era, and was the first to publicly teach the mystical dimension of the Torah known as the “Kabbalah.” He is the author of the basic work of Kabbalah, the Zohar. 773 more words


Lectures: What is Kabbalah? - Rabbi Chaim Richman (2011)

Shalom everyone! The following is a lecture, given by Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Noahide World Center, in which he discusses Kabbalah, the mystical side of… 89 more words


Hollywood does not care about Prince

If you happened to watch the usual satanic 2016 Billboard Music Awards last night, you probably saw the princess of the dark forces of kabbalah, pop singer Madonna, give her so-called tribute to the late pop star Prince. 165 more words

If God is everywhere, why can't I see Him?

Launching his new, two-volume series, Nefesh HaTzimtzum, Avinoam Fraenkel talks about philosophical and Kabbalistic topics that have been questioned for centuries. Nefesh HaTzimtzum is a comprehensive and accessible presentation of  138 more words

Jewish Books

[NB] Clever and Misleading

I chuckled a little when I first saw this, because it is a charming bit of wit to play the contrasts here, but almost immediately I also noticed the titles of the book of book on the Kabbalist’s lap. 452 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas