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"The Three Riders" - A Baal Shem Tov Story


This Shabbat is “Shabbat Mishpatim” and one of the topics of this Parasha is giving the laws regarding a slave. A slave has to work for six years and in the seventh year, he can walk away as a free man.
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Layers pt. 2

A follow up to the last talk on layers.

The comments on the first video sparked me to talk a bit further about my ideas and go a little deeper. 444 more words


Let There Be An Expanse: The Cosmology of the Zohar's Parashat Be-Reshit

This is a continuation of this website’s series on the Zohar. For the first part of this series, click here.  This commentary used the Pritzker Edition of the Zohar, Volume One by Daniel Matt. 2,435 more words



In the background of my consciousness, for some time now, I’ve been aware of a connection to other people, or at least the sense that someone is watching and aware of me. 393 more words

Correspondences 4 Online

The latest issue of Correspondences: Online Journal for the Academic Study of Western Esotericism is online in its entirety. This issue covers a wide range of material, including ancient and medieval currents ranging from Gnosticism and the Zohar to Zoroastrianism and early Christian mysticism. 17 more words

On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead - Basic concepts in the Kabbalah (1991)

ARE YOU INTERESTED in learning more about Jewish mysticism? In that case I got some academic books on the subject I wish to recommend. I wrote about Daniel C. 670 more words


Thoughtforms, Tulpas & Egregores

By REV. Gary W. Duncan

What are thoughts – are they real, and once created are they things that exist independent of our minds? Are they constructs created by our soul’s mental and emotional faculties? 4,263 more words

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