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Free Download of The Kabbalah of Forgiveness (Tomer Devorah)

Free for the High Holiday Season: a free download of The Kabbalah of Forgiveness, a translation and commentary of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero’s Tomer Devorah.  Especially valuable reading in preparation for Yom Kippur! 42 more words



Magic! For realsies.

While you can perform these incredible feats with your limitless mind and the power of your WILL, I don’t think you’ll be wielding a staff of doom to bring down any unscrupulous plumbers lurking about the castle. 254 more words

Arthur C. Clarke

The Hebrew Month of Elul

The warmth is coming to its end. The day’s scent of summer soil has a tinge of the fall into cool. The night’s quiet has the murmur of the in-gathering plants beginning to recede. 2,171 more words

Kabbalah And Jewish Studies

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One of the most powerful and the most mystical concepts of Rabbinic Judaism is the Kabbalah. This is a discipline and/or a school of thought that deals with the relation between the ultimate Creator, the mortal and the finite universe, which is His creation. 236 more words

Teshuva : reuniting with our Source

Rabbi Baruch Ashlag writes:

The scripture says “Return O Israel unto the Lord your God.” (Hosea 14.) This means that the measure of Teshuvah, returning,  needs to be… 249 more words



If you are afraid of being cursed by the evil eye, there is a solution—wear a charmed red string around your wrist.  At least, that’s what certain Hollywood celebrities are practicing.  774 more words

Cults And Heresies

We are part of greater forces, and lesser forces, and when I speak of “forces” I believe all these forces are One.

I look for images that mean what I want to say (so you don’t have to read. 210 more words

The Meaning Of Life