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Straightening the Ol' Spine: More Kabbalah Talk

It makes me chuckle that the little PSA post I did yesterday got more comments, and more engaged comments, than much else I have written here. 1,773 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

PSA: How (Not) to Write about the Kabbalah

I have mostly used the Kabbalah as a loose, baggy sort of vehicle for talking about other things. I have found the categories and structures to be useful framing device, in part because it allows me to imagine a potential reader. 115 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Purim right now

We are living in turbulent times; on the one hand the light of redemption is undoubtedly getting nearer and with it an increasing consciousness of the light of God in the world. 268 more words


Vetting the Vulcan: Connections between Star Trek, Kabbalah, Freemasonry and the Council of Nine...

This is absolutely fascinating.  Who would’ve thought that the Vulcan “live long and prosper” symbol used by Spock in Star Trek is really an ancient hand symbol used by Jewish occultists and other groups. 26 more words


Ways To See the Tree of Life

Kabbalah is a spiritual system which organizes Being, the Being which is you, the Being which is the World and the Universe, the Being which we call Divinity. 186 more words

Western Magical Tradition

A Star Trek Blessing

Doug Van Dorn explains how a Jewish heresy is connected to the gospel of Jesus Christ…and Vulcans, of all people… A Star Trek Blessing.


Your Card for Today: Justice

For today, we have Justice.

In this image, a man stands on a high rock. Holding scales in his left hand, he stares up at his sword, which he holds to the sky. 249 more words