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Creation & Purpose of Creation - The Curiosity of Mankind

Honestly, doesn’t it drive us nuts ! There are plenty of books and ideas about the Creation of the universe, our world and us. G – d created everything but we just don’t find the answer to the HOW and Why. 628 more words

the psychoanalytic attitude of faith

I am not a Kabbalah scholar, but aspects of its teachings have become part of me, as has psychoanalytic work. The two have many points of convergence. 282 more words


The process of rebuilding my tower… Path 27 in motion

So we’ve been told these coming weeks we have away from learning, we need to assimilate the energy of path 27.

I booked my flights back to Europe.  366 more words


Kabbalah with Less Neoplatonism

Yesterday, I had a brief exchange between Ted Hand and Cole Tucker on twitter that warrants a lengthier response for which twitter is not suited. The discussion began with a question from Ted as to whether we should identify the Kabbalistic sefirot with the Neoplatonic henads. 1,689 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Feelings: God's gift to us in this world

In a letter that Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag wrote to his brother Shmuel, he describes  the purpose for which the soul leaves the spiritual realms and descends into this difficult physical world.  136 more words


Kabbalah Infiltrates Judaism. Mystery Babylon Secret Societies, part 2 - Pastor David

Realize, that TWO systems of Jewish oral teachings were created, one public and one secret. In the many centuries before the LORD Jesus Christ came in the flesh, this deadly virus penetrated Jewish religious leaders. 484 more words