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The single best piece of advice I have received...

I heard some thing last week that has helped me find the strength that I have needed to find in order to move forward in several areas of my life that have been stagnant lately. 449 more words


The Golden Age of Tzfat

When one visits Tzfat (Safed) today, one tends to focus on the spiritual, kabbalistic aspects of the city. Perhaps a side note or two will be dedicated to the fight over Tzfat in the week before Israel declared her independence or to the beautiful view. 507 more words

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Clear the Way for the Coming of the Lord into Your Temple

Clear the way for the coming of the Lord into your temple, for he will suddenly come, even as the thief in the night. I ask you: When your Holy Christ Self is appointed of God to descend into your temple, will you be ready or will the vessels break? 508 more words


The Cube of Space - Part 3

Please click here to see my new page on the Cube of Space – Part 3.


Webinar Registration of the Cube of Space Part 3, July 15, 2017

Please register here if you’d like to attend my Webinar on the Cube of Space Part 3 being held July 15, 2017 at 9 am PDT.

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Esoteric meanings in Genesis

In the Hebrew and Christian Bible, the first book of Genesis depicts God creating the world and mankind. Many faithful believe this to be a true depiction of… 400 more words

Why I Don't Read Oracle Decks

I’m a Tarot purist. I have never liked oracle cards, and even Tarot decks that veer too far from what I consider traditional (i.e. RWS, Thoth, or TdM) make me squirm in my seat like a four-year-old who doesn’t want to eat his cauliflower. 1,760 more words