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“This first emanation, called by Kabbalists the Crown, means, when stripped of its mystical veil, simple and naked activity or motion.”

From The Light of Egypt or the Science of the Soul and the Stars, Volume One by Thomas H. Burgoyne, 1889.


Prayer from the Cabbala perspective

“The Cabbala compares the role of prayer and benediction to a double movement, ascending and descending, similar to the circulation of the blood. The prayers of humanity rise towards God and after having been divinely “oxidised”, are transformed into benedictions which descend below from above. 901 more words


Four senses of the soul

“Passing on to mysticism which has not given birth to gnosis, magic and Hermetic philosophy —such a mysticism must, sooner or later, necessarily degenerate into spiritual enjoyment” or “intoxication”. 203 more words


Dignity of Man

“I once read that Abdala the Muslim, when asked what was most worthy of awe and wonder in this theater of the world, answered, “There is nothing to see more wonderful than man!” Hermes Trismegistus concurs with this opinion: “A great miracle, Asclepius, is man!” However, when I began to consider the reasons for these opinions, all these reasons given for the magnificence of human nature failed to convince me: that man is the intermediary between creatures, close to the gods, master of all the lower creatures, with the sharpness of his senses, the acuity of his reason, and the brilliance of his intelligence the interpreter of nature, the nodal point between eternity and time, and, as the Persians say, the intimate bond or marriage song of the world, just a little lower than angels as David tells us. 1,361 more words


Hermetics the Cabal-ist way

Asuccinct, incisive understanding of the fundamental relationship of thought, thinking and goal fulfillment. The Hermetica. 957 more words


Daily Tarot Readings: Day Sixteen

To begin, it’s probably worth noting I have a lot going on today. Thursdays are just typically like that for me. It’s always just a busy day right before the weekend… sort of. 497 more words


Daily Tarot Readings: Day Fifteen

For tarot meditations today, I wanted to do something a little different. I’m a little concerned the meditation is giving way to the actual symbolism of the card, which was never my intention. 505 more words

Daily Tarot Readings