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Seeds, Spheres (and an Egg)

“But where does it all get you in the end?”
The Consul sipped his strychnine that had yet to prove its adequacy as a chaser to the Burke’s Irish…

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Jewish Numerological Meanings of Ten

Jewish numerology is different from those developed in other ethno-religious cultures, and it does have some key magical connotations which should be paid attention to. 334 more words


The 13 Attributes Of Mercy-BreslovCampus Video Class

This BreslovCampus.org video class on our spiritual anatomy offers a practical, hands-on approach to elevating our interpersonal relationships and inner-emotional lives based on the wisdom of Chassidus. 106 more words

Breslov Woman

[NB] Sefer Yetzirah 1.1-1.8 (Gra translation)

I have been fidgeting with a post on the sefirah/sefirot (using sefirah for plural; we’ll see if it sticks), and to do that I need to start toward the beginning of things. 1,858 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Rabbi Sacks on Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker

Rabbi Sacks on Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker

This was a beautiful reading and analysis of Leonard Cohen’s title track from his very last album You Want It Darker.   147 more words


The Strange Case of Quaker-Kabbalah

Would the ‘Real‘ Quaker Please Stand Up? 

In a post entitled Hyphenated Quakers, the North Carolina blogger RichardM argues that Liberal Quakerism exists in an increasing state of theological disorder, due to the dissolution of a shared Christian culture among Friends. 2,706 more words

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