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Philosophical Question 4: Career in White-Collar Crime? ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

Here is philosophical question 4: Is it ok to chant the names of God, or use Eastern yogic techniques, or use Western mind control techniques to pursue white-collar crime?  288 more words

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Uncovering The Kabala By Harrell Rhome, M.Div., Ph.D.

By Harrell Rhome, M.Div., Ph.D.

“Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics” Charles Peguy


“We cannot doubt that miracles of magic and alchemy did really happen in past times. 10,414 more words

Greatest lie

The greatest lie ever told to the human race is that we are nothing more than the descendants of monkeys. While there may or may not be any truth to Darwin’s unproven theories of evolution, it really does not matter.

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Everything exists to serve to ultimate Singular purpose

There is no actual spiritual war in the universe. Such a struggle exists only within the human heart, and mind. Our perceptions of duality create the duality which we see.

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Future Temple

But in time to come, when the hidden beginning I mentioned is revealed, the happiness will be far, far greater, and it will never cease. All things emanate from their source.

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He will be one and His name one

Since the day the world was created until the present time the world has not attained perfection. Everything depends on man’s deeds. Had man not sinned, the universe would have come to perfection.

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Notes of the first meeting of a Kabbalah Study Group

The following are notes of the proceedings of the inaugural meeting of a Kabbalah Study Group for beginners. The notes do not contain details of the opening and closing invocations. 28 more words