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Yearnings in Yesod

Yesod is the Ninth sephirah, placed directly above Malkuth, and acting as the vehicle between the material and the formative world. Yesod means “Foundation”, its colours are indigo and violet and its guardian angel Gabriel. 429 more words


A Look Inside Jewish Studies: Kabbalistic Divinity Maps

Cosmological Forests: Kabbalistic Divinity Maps – article written by Jewish Studies Program Coordinator Dr. Micha Perry

(A unique project under the direction of Dr. J. … 283 more words

Graduate Programs

Spelling Sephirah...

Ambling along into my latest ponderings or as I like to call it more kabbalah for lazy asses, I’ve been playing with how the names of the sephirah can be broken down and be represented by chords of tarot cards… I’d been idly letting the idea roll around my head when Mr S called me out into the garden… Admittedly, I was pretty reluctant to leave the warmth of my sofa, but he insisted that he’d he had something interesting to show me and so I braced the cold, barefoot to see what all the fuss was about… 125 more words


Shomer Emunim #B8-B9

Shomer Emunim #B8-B9


She’altielYou have your master’s wisdom within you, in that you share your knowledge with those who love you {as Hashem does}, and those who seek completeness through you {as Hashem does}. 1,675 more words

Preview of 2:2:5

While the reward and punishment system depicted is rooted in Divine Justice, it’s also suited to the human condition.

For our actions become a virtual part of our being and affect our status exactly to the appropriate degree. 176 more words


Astro-myths: Stars and the Invisible

I have been contemplating the Popol Vuh (PV) in relationship to the astronomical dimensions of Mayan myth that I have been absorbing (slowly) through The Star Gods of the Maya. 402 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Tarot of Creation

The Tarot is a magical tool for life and guidance. The
word Tarot is derived from the Hebrew word Torah. Torah is derived from the Hebrew root words relating to both archery and teaching ~ Tarot at its root is about guidance in the direction of God and Truth.. 823 more words