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Kissing The Abyss

After much delay thanks to Christmas, New Year and then faulty memory cards, I am pleased to bring you the latest (in both senses of the word) episode of Sunday Psychedelics. 116 more words


10 Ways To Spot Toxic People

Today i present 10 ways to spot toxic people in 2017.

We all have them in our lives but identifying and dealing with them can be tricky. 366 more words

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The Map Is Not The Territory

The map is not the territory.

Today I unpack the premise that the world we perceive, map and subsequently project outward is not the world we think it is. 383 more words

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Heaven & Hell

Do I believe in heaven and hell?

Damn right.

But perhaps we ned to clarify exactly what heaven and hell actually are….

I discuss the metaphysical and esoteric ideas surrounding heaven and hell. 294 more words

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What are we? Really?

Are we our names?
Are we our jobs?
Are we our ego’s?

What are we?

Drawing on esoterica, meditations and psychedelic experiences I discuss my thoughts on what we are, how we exist and how people are often obscured from their truth. 316 more words

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Reclaiming Language

This evening I talk about reclaiming language.

I am aware that some of the language I use on the channel may be off putting to some, especially those that are averse to religion and the associated language. 351 more words

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