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Nineveh Now

I have always been fascinated with the Book of Jonah, really Jonah himself. The idea of a reluctant Prophet exemplifies an interesting relationship with G-d. I can identify with the idea that a human being can be called to something that he or she may not want to do. 195 more words

Semenal Gnosis: Samael Aun Weor’s Sex Cult

Several years ago I taught a class on ancient Gnosticism from the viewpoint of what I termed “Apostolic Gnosis.” Inevitably, after I introduced students to the ancient Gnostic texts and some of the teachings, I would be asked where one could turn to find a modern movement or school that can transmit the “ancient Gnostic teachings” to them in a deeper way, without the Christian gloss that I tried to emphasize. 2,150 more words


YouTube - Gates of Light - Tarot

The webinars are now on YouTube. Click here to see my new YouTube site called Gates of Light – Tarot.

Tarot Webinars

Jewish Mysticism: Now Available!


One of a number of interesting spiritual works released by the same publisher in the 1910s, Abelsons’ treatment of mysticism within Judaism here is quite good, expansive, and sometimes dense, but technically an introductory overview of magickal concepts within Kabbalah. 44 more words


The Tree of Life illustrates how to meet your life, your full life. Look, therefore, at spiritual matters as though mundane. And respond to terrestial problems as though they were spiritual.

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Reiki Kabbalah Center: Energy Healing and spiritual development

Are you tired or-burnout? Have your Charkas balanced and charged. Healing Special 4 unique modalities Reiki, Power Reiki, Quantum healing, White Light healing for $20.00 for 20 minutes in your home or can be sent remotely. 44 more words

I Like Tarot Insofar as it Teaches Kabbalah

I Like Tarot Insofar as it Teaches Kabbalah

People are often confused or even shocked by the fact that I enjoy reading tarot cards. Other people are surprised to learn that I am a student of Kabbalah. 796 more words