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Webinar Recording The Hermit and Wheel of Fortune 02/06/2016

Please click  here to see the recording of my webinar given on February 6, 2016 The Hermit Key 9 and Wheel of Fortune Key 10.


Kracked Kabbalah Kellipot?

Is Rick Ross a Kabbalah Krackpot?


David Arthur Walters

I noticed the Miami Kabbalah center’s full-page ad running in Knight Ridder’s prestigious The Miami Herald… 343 more words

Shaar HaYichud -1- Points for Contemplation

  • Life among the multitude of different kinds is enfolded within the Divine essence.
  • The omnipotence of Divine essence is manifest via Keter, the ‘Pele…
  • 45 more words

Tehillim (Hallelujah 150)

She was naked, maybe couldn’t see, the best of sinners, then she found want in need, Hallelujah! Tehillim takes her to a higher place, Hallelujah! He’s been drunk since the day he was born, lost desire to even fuck more, then he found want in need, Hallelujah! 354 more words



Lately I’ve been watching really scientific, or psychological videos on youtube that explain things that my curious brain wonders about. For example, what differs in sociopaths or psychopaths to a ‘normal’ brain, what do the blind people experience when they dream, and if we have free will or if everything is predetermined. 553 more words


Where's the Point...


The theme for this Tarot blog hop was opened up by my learned friend Joy Vernon who gave us the following phrase to ruminate… 638 more words