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Disco Polo Divides Poland

Cursed by some, praised by others, but what is Disco polo? What can us tell today about Polish people? What does the 500+ benefit system have to do with Disco polo? 114 more words


Słucham - krótki felieton

Słucham polityków. W przeciwieństwie do redaktora Tomasza Lisa, który wycisza panią Beatę Szydło, słucham tych wszystkich absurdów. W przeciwieństwie do pana Artura Andrusa nie liczę, ile każdy polityk powiedział słów. 533 more words


PiS Falls in Polls

The leader of Law and Justice (PiS) Jarosław Kaczyński has built his strength with effectiveness and authoritarianism, according to his opponents. However, a unified Civic Platform (PO) and Modern (N) opposition is leading PiS 32% to 29% in a recent poll, for the the first time since 2015. 184 more words


EU plans financial weapons to combat illiberal nationalism rising in Hungary, Poland

The European Union will deploy a new financial weapon next week to try to rein in what Brussels sees as illiberal nationalism rising in the east of the bloc and threatening its democratic foundations. 1,105 more words

Huliganov Rant #4 - "Lest we Forgotten"

Original playout date: 13 November 2007
Duration: 32:03

Huliganov talking in another monthly rant, of the sort we did for a short while, this time for November, and November is of course the month for remembering, be it All Souls Day, Bonfire Night or Thanksgiving. 174 more words

Viktor Huliganov

Hunting for Putin (Полювання на Путіна)

Grigory Omelchenko, PhD in law, hero of Ukraine. In the past-the head of the Department of military counterintelligence SBU, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of five convocations and PACE member in 2006-2010. 384 more words