Bold and Pink

You may now realized why I don’t have pictures on my Davao day 4. I want my solo shots to be included in my davao OOTD post since I don’t have any blogger pose with this outfit. 151 more words


Davao Day 4

Day 4 marks our last day in Davao. It was also the tribes parade. It will be a lengthy one because I would like to share to you all the pictures though I know that it will be impossible because of the memory alotted in this blog. 283 more words

Travel And Food

Kadayawan sa Dabaw: A Celebration of Bountiful Harvest

The Kadayawan was conceptualized in 1986 as “The Festival of Apo Duwaling” to showcase Davao City’s iconic symbols: Mount Apo, the Philippines’ highest peak;  the… 95 more words


you mess with my son, you mess with me

excerpt on what i had prepared for a conference


  • to clarify certain issues
  • im coming in as a father, not as a teacher, not as an administrator, etc…
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Davao is like your high school crush

Davao is like your high school crush. She will make you fall in love. She is a seamless fusion of city living and provincial dream. Her allure rests on the fringes of her white sand beaches, the majestic silhouette of Mt. 424 more words


Chill Time and Watch out for The Griddle

Hi everyone! Posting some of our family photos from last week. It was chill time with hubby because it was a crazy day. My assistant Ruthy had her dayoff and I have to take care of my 2 kids. 244 more words


The Great Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar 2015

Heads up! The biggest bazaar in the city is happening this weekend!

The Great Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar is one of the most awaited bazaars in Davao. 129 more words