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Crock Pot Meal

I like cooking in the crock pot. Meals are ready when evening comes. It is convenient and simple. Slow cooking meat this way is a way to turn tougher cuts into tender meals. 624 more words


Baking page update

A few weeks ago I was considering doing away with the “baking” tab on the blog. First I stopped baking because the housemate was the guy who doesn’t like homemade bread. 261 more words


The Elusive Biscuit

These are not biscuits. These are no knead dinner rolls from a Betty Crocker website. Very easy, very quick, and very good hot out of the oven. 625 more words


3. Dust On My Boots.

(From my recollection this is fairly accurate. I may have blended some events over those initial days into the one day. I was tired, it was a long trip, a little nervous. 3,625 more words

SAZ - KAF [FEEL 016]

Time has come!
No! You decide!
Here comes the thunderous sound.
Out of my dirty mouth.
I’m relieved.
No, you’re not!

Time never stop!
Nah! Waiting for the moment. 78 more words



King Arthur Flour just sent me notice that Bread Week is here at last!  @#%$@#^#@!!!!

That last part was mine, not theirs. Do you realize I live within a very short distance of the bread baking mecca that is KAF and… I’ve never been there? 135 more words

Multi-grain Rye Cream Cheese Rolls

    These rolls are healthy and tasty at the same time.  I used a combination of milled flour and KAF flour with some cream cheese, and olive oil for softness along with my old faithful AP starter. 483 more words

Sour Dough Breads