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Geomantic Kaf (Sun, Sunday, Right Eye)



Within the planetary circuit, Kaf is the anchor and center for all circuits and is the interface between planets and stars. In the sequence of the week it follows Bet and precedes Tav. 1,253 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Multi-grain Egg Rolls

The last batch of rolls I made were very rich so I wanted to make something a bit more lean this time.  I omitted the cream cheese and changed up some of the flours and used whole eggs and olive oil in place of the cream cheese and butter. 443 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Katrina’s Early life and background

Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong with her mother’s surname Turquotte (also spelt Turcotte), on 16 July 1983.[a][7][8][9] According to the actress, her father (Mohammed Kaif) is a British businessman of Kashmiri descent and her mother (Suzanne, also spelt Susanna) is an English lawyer and charity worker.[7] She has seven siblings: three elder sisters (Stephanie, Christine and Natasha), three younger sisters (Melissa, Sonia, Isabel) and an elder brother, Michael. 376 more words


Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif (pronounced , born Katrina Turquotte; 16 July 1983) is a British[6] film actress and model. Primarily known for her work in Bollywood films, Kaif has also appeared in Telugu and Malayalam films. 302 more words


The Armor of God (KAFA: Bible NT)

KAFA: Bible NT

Ephesians (Efesooni) 6:10-18

10 And illa Doono Yesuusina tookkii ittoshich beeti ikkittinoona ittoshich bi immii beeti ooga giidoona kupphabote!  

11 Daabiloosichi dachoon wochoo ittoshi hakkemmoyich, Yeeri ittoshich immii beeti ginee qiico bullin cuyabote!   140 more words


Hana and KAF & KAIAN Experiences

Hana was born in Jeonju and adopted to Australia at the age of three. In 2010, she returned to Korea for the first time after her adoption, as a participant on the GOA’L First Trip Home program.  286 more words


Sam & his KAF Experiences and Opportunities

My name is Sam, and I am the creator behind this website. As an adoptee I have created this website so that others can read and share other adoption stories. 327 more words