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Cheesy bread Sunday

I should make a rule that I have to blog about my baking within a day. Otherwise, we end up like today–where I blog about something I made pretty much a full week before. 374 more words

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A tale of two suppers

When I was growing up, my family always called the evening meal “dinner.” If “supper” was used, it was interchangeable with “dinner.”

Husband grew up calling the evening meal “supper.” “Dinner” for him could denote a special large meal, but either of the noontime or evening variety. 752 more words

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The joy of kneading

Sunday afternoons are perfect for making bread.

I’m a bit behind this week, so while yes, I will be making bread this Sunday, this post is about last week’s bread–KAF’s… 692 more words

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A taste of the old country: Swedish knäckebröd

I make King Arthur’s sourdough crackers pretty much every time I feed my starter. Fresh out of the oven, they’re possibly my favorite snack ever. Unfortunately, they’re not in the The Baker’s Companion, but several other cracker recipes are. 459 more words

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The wonders of puff pastry... turnover edition

The other half of the puff pastry recipe from when I made croissants has been burning a hole in my freezer, figuratively speaking. More than a week ago, I decided it was time to make it into puff pastry turnovers, with an apple filling. 348 more words

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My favorite flatbread

Last Wednesday night I wanted something quick and fun for dinner. Soft wrap bread sandwiches were what I picked.

I had actually made this recipe two or three times before, having come across it on the KAF website before starting this project. 475 more words

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A swirl of cinnamon

Scanning over my recipe list, two iterations on a theme caught my eye this week: cinnamon swirl bread and easy cinnamon bread. The easy cinnamon bread intrigued me, because it is leavened both with baking powder and yeast. 654 more words

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