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Post #8 Kafer on Feminist Queer Crip

Choose four favorite quotations, one each from chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7, and explain why you like them. They may all relate to each other, but they need not. 531 more words


Post #7 McRuer & Kafer on Queer & Crip

With McRuer and Kafer (and also our guest speaker this week Dr. Kim Q. Hall), we explore intersections between queer studies and disability studies. McRuer says that able-bodiedness is compulsory in our society, much as heterosexuality is. 535 more words


Basing political activism on identity?

Kafer and Wilchins hold that basing political activism on identity doesn’t work for disabilities or gender, respectively. What reasons do they give? What sort of movements do they envision instead? 2,003 more words


Eureka, I have found it!

Shout out to the wonderful folks who helped me eat the chocolate it took to find this cutie. Thanks for saving me from a stomach ache.

The religious story of the human race

Once upon a time, the Bible named all non-Christians as Pagans…and the Quran named all non-Muslims as Kafers. No amount of Jew and Pagan gods could save the Kafers and Pagans. 14 more words

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