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This isn’t actually my complete collection.  I have some of those cute little enamel pins, only I don’t remember where I put them (ack!) and since taking these photos, I picked up the Funko Pop! 306 more words


Days 0089 and 0090: Butthole Surfers - John E. Smoke & Junky feat. Kagamine Rin - Melancholic

Hello! I’m back (to the few of you that read this!) Godspeed You! Black Emperor were immense. I hope to cover one of their songs one day! 855 more words


[Translirik] Singasong versi Bahasa Indonesia

Title : Singason NND | YT
Music : Rerulili
Original Singer : Various Vocaloids
English translation : Alice
Translyrics by: Rou
Kanji + Romaji

「Tersenyumlah kepadaku seperti biasanya」 285 more words


[Translirik] ReAct versi Bahasa Indonesia

Title : ReAct NND | YT
Music : KuroUsa-P (mylist/4943376)
Original Singer : Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
English translation : animeyay
Translyrics by: Rou… 340 more words


Awesome Music Thursday: Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~

One thing I like about Vocaloid songs is that a lot of them tell a story.

This one’s a pretty good example, the tragedy of a fallen angel who falls in love with a human. 16 more words


Hatsune Miku och Vocaloids - Nipponmånad

Take Our PollJa jag är inte speciellt ny med att berätta om fenomenet som är Vocaloids och deras växande storhet i Japan då det pågått sedan ca år 2007, och därför är det på tiden att vi tittar närmare på detta och i synnerhet Hatsune Miku. 795 more words


Kagamine Rin Bow

I’ve been meaning to do some write-ups of how I make cosplay things for a while but I’ve been putting that off for a year. So, to start off, I’ll do a simple walkthrough of making a simple accessory – Kagamine Rin’s iconic bow. 253 more words