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Kahlua Day

Coffee lovers out there have to love Kahlua Day just like me. I mean Kahlua gives a little kick to our coffee. When I have coffee left, I like to pour it in an ice cube tray to freeze and use them later. 55 more words


3 Ways to Enjoy National Kahlua Day

Few things present themselves as common a stronghold as coffee and liquor. It’s been this way since about the 15th century; but in 1936, Veracruz, Mexico there was born a liqueur so classic that it’s come to have its own day of honor! 326 more words

Reichstag Fire, February 26 Incident, and National Kahlua Day

Been a rough week: dueling with the Banshee Two-Step since Monday night. But I had to make some decisions for the blog this week, so I soldiered on to weed out Henri V of France’s crowning in 1594, Lincoln’s Cooper Union speech in 1860, the first cigar-rolling machine patented in 1883, and the last day of the rum ration in the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1990.Today, we talk about regime change, or at least attempts at it. 858 more words


Unnamed Mexican Coffee Cocktail

I recently picked up a bottle of Kahlua for a dessert recipe. Now, left with a mostly full bottle, I wanted to work on a few new cocktails. 108 more words


Black Russian Bundt Cake With Homemade Kahlua ( R E C I P E )

Black Russian Bundt Cake With Homemade Kahlua ( R E C I P E )