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I was gifted some homemade kahlua by my aunt and uncle.  Yum!  Homemade alcohol? Count me in!  Aside from pouring it in my coffee, because well that’s just how it’s best used in my humble opinion, I was looking for another way to use it.  

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Fall For Our "Special" Coffee Recipes

When I was 12 years old, my Grandma began taking me for dinner at Savalas, a local restaurant that became “our restaurant.” She would pick me up, leaving my parents and siblings behind in a cloud of dust as we headed off into the sunset for our night out. 778 more words


Sound and Fury

I washed my vitamins down with a wine cooler yesterday.  It was that kind of week…a week of ups and downs, wins and losses, sin and redemption.   586 more words

Mocha Mint

One of my maxims when making cocktails is that creme de menthe doesn’t work with anything. A second maxim that I have is that I don’t like coffee, in cocktails or out. 130 more words

Martini Glass

Party Panche, Tiramisu Bundt Cake with Kahlua Caramel

At first glance this cake might look complicated…

But it’s really a piece of cake  😂

The cake is made from a Fudge Marble cake mix, and enhanced with strong coffee, Kahlua, milk, butter and 4 eggs… 826 more words

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White Russian Milkshake

Decadent drink and dessert all in one!

I still remember the first time I tasted a White Russian cocktail. A fellow server at the bar where I worked during University ordered one when she was off-shift and encouraged me (normally not a cocktail drinker) to taste it. 180 more words

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