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Homework HELP!

In interacting with women with school-aged children I have noticed a new trend: terrible remarks about hours of homework. I have some very specific suggestions. All teachers are different and this is just one (former) teacher’s opinion. 863 more words


Recommended Websites

There are many websites that I use to find resources and to offer additional learning opportunities for my students. Some of these sites offer online lessons and tutorials, are fun for the students to use while learning the skills we use in class, and allow me to track progress.   394 more words

News For Parents/Guardians

Kahn Academy R Resource: Two-Way Tables for Categorical Data

Just finished another Kahn Academy/ R handout on two-way tables for categorical data. As always, the pdf and R file are stored in my GitHub account.

New Kahn Academy Supplementary R Material

I’ve decided that, instead of writing up an R Notebook/PDF for each couple of Kahn Academy videos, it would be simpler to be more systematic about it and have one Notebook per each unit. 55 more words

Learning Statistics By Doing Statistics: My R Notebook Supplementary Materials for Kahn Academy

As one of those side projects that I’m excited about now but may just end up as a note in my “long term” to-do list, I’ve decided to write unofficial supplementary material for the Kahn Academy lectures on statistics. 266 more words

Are you thinking about homeschooling?

There are so many advantages to home schooling your children.  Independent study allows your child to advance at his/her level of competency, flexible schedules, opportunities for educational field trips, so much less social stress, etc.   346 more words

Home School