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Pilgramige to Kailash in Tibet - Part 1

Words come back with my mind vainly trying to express my experience of Kailash. Incomplete trials to invite you into my experience of Parikrama around the spiritual center of the universe, the navel of the world, as Kailash is called as well. 951 more words


Kailash Manasarovar

Kailash Manasarovar tour package fulfills your thirst of visiting to Mt. Kailash & holy lake Manasarovar. This is a easier and faster way to complete the tour. 33 more words


I am leading the so called “normal” life now – yeah, you guessed it right ” The Job Life”!! The one where people work like crazy on weekdays and sleep/go out for adventure activities/movie/shopping/relax with a book/eat after browsing on Zomato /read a blog like this:P, etc. ¬† 1,828 more words

KAilash Ray

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The Ugly Duckling

Mount Kailash, the holiest of holy, to four ancient religions of the world, at 22,000 ft, is not very tall by Himalayan standards and is dwarfed by its neighbour, Gurla Mandhata, at 25,000 ft. 320 more words


The Holy Lake Manasarovar!

Lake Mansarovar is a freshwater lake in the Tibet autonomous region. It is very close in distance to the sources of important rivers such as Brahmaputra, Karnali, Sutlej and Indus. 389 more words


Is Mt. Kailash a Holy Pilgrimage Destination for Christians?

The Great Mountain Kailash, located in the eastern part of Tibet is known as a very holy pilgrimage destination for Bon, Hindu and Buddhism. So, is Mt. 276 more words