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Meet: Kailey

Where to begin with this girl? Well, first and foremost, she is your typical sassy, sometimes {always} inappropriate, ginger head.

Kailey is that annoying girl who orders some sort of grilled chicken and veggies when we go out to eat while I sit across from her typically enjoying something fried with a side of something fried. 309 more words


Continuing the Countdown

Today we continue with last night’s countdown with Kailey, who was a limited edition American Girl released in the summer of 2003.  (By the way, the countdown is at 13 days to go until Saturday, January 3, the first chance I will have to get to the American Girl store to see Girl of the Year 2015). 26 more words

Kailey & Jason Wedding Photographs

I’m pleased to announce we finished processing Kailey and Jason’s wedding photographs from last weekend!

The two photos above were created at the Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in Lopatcong, NJ. 53 more words


Kailey & Jason’s Wedding

Congratulations to Kailey and Jason Trama who were married on Saturday. We had a great time spending the day with them and photographing their wedding. Below are a few teaser images from the day. 13 more words


Forever Addy

Sorry it’s been a while.  I was in Disneyland.  It’s time for Addy!

Here’s more!  Kit is having trouble pulling off Addy’s new bonnet:

Nicki in Addy’s beautiful new school suit: 117 more words

Curd Girl

Wisconsin Fried Delight
Location: Farmer’s Market Saturdays, Concerts on the Square and other events. Best to check Twitter.
By: Kailey

Ahh Wisconsin. If there’s one thing we’ve done right – other than  271 more words


Special Report: Isthmus a la Carts 2014

By: Kailey

Isthmus held it’s third ever food cart festival called “Isthmus a la Carts” on May 9, 2014 at Olin Park. It was a streeteaters paradise: almost all of Madison’s food carts in one spot during a pleasant but windy May afternoon. 396 more words