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Cooking with Kids {Basic Pizza Dough}

I love cooking with kids, my mom cooked with me, I cooked in my classroom and my two girls have been in the kitchen with me from early on. 287 more words


Kaili: (to me) Don’t tumble, little one. Things will get better.

Brittany: No they won’t, adulting sucks.


Nonna: Well anyway, back to work.

Kaili: NOOOOO!!! (starts rolling around on the floor)

Nonna: She’s doing it again.

Archaeological Sexism

This is one of my favorite sculptures in the whole world.  It’s elegant, minimalist, hopeful, and ancient.

This museum calls it “Stargazer.”  It’s a perfect name, because it’s a figure looking straight up. 270 more words


Kaili: Usually, we flail until our problems go away.

Me: Oh my good gravy.

Kaili: Son of a biscuit.

(on Dairy Queen)

Kaili: I feel like it’s so processed, it’s not even dairy anymore. It’s like whipped surprise of who-knows-what.