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The Master

I’m not the hero I used to be

but I’ve mastered the art of


© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author

And there he was...

It hadn’t been a long time – only a matter of months, you could count them in days if you had to. But it felt like centuries. 266 more words

Kait King Author

The question of why I exist...

I guess the question of why would be relative to one’s beliefs, perception and world view. If the answer to the question is different due to this, then there are different results with each answer. 214 more words

Kait King Author

Skepticism, Doubt & Other Negative Clutches 

Crispy cold

She tries to


Her icicles around

My heart

I shake my


To refuse her


But I was lost

At the very start…

34 more words
Kait King Author

The Pearl


a grain of sand


anger making pain

the constant muse

restricted not abused


as deep as a black hole

endless and whole…

11 more words
Kait King Author

Sweet Sugar Spike!

I am a chocolate addict

call me what you will

Mouth open wide

Chocolate pouring in

that’s how I’d get

my thrill

I am a sugar junkie…

38 more words
Kait King Author

A new darkness stirs within...

As a writer I sometimes struggle to write and other times it just falls out of me. Sometimes I wonder where what I write about comes from. 99 more words

Kait King Author