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Action Figure ‘Kaito Kid from Meitantei Conan’

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Pic: Action Figure ‘Kaito Kid from Meitantei Conan’

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Kaito Kid vs Train

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Kaito Kid has made his debut onto the blog! He has many good gadgets, which allow him to be a great thief, but Train is an expert fighter with nothing to lose. 52 more words


Detective Conan Icons

030916: Added some more old icons.
121115: Some old Detective Conan icons that I made. Will update with more old ones and hopefully some new ones too! 9 more words


No Sew Cosplay: Kaito Kid 1412


Hat: Kaito is wearing a ridiculously tall white stovepipe hat which you can actually find for sale. Typically they are advertised as being for costume parties or for fun outdoor celebrations. 370 more words

Wallpaper: Kaito Kid - This is the Night

A wallpaper of Kaito and Aoko from Kaito Kid/Detective Conan. This wallpaper is 1920x1080px. Download


Grow, Live and Fun

Okay, I’ll admit. I’m not a risk taker, at most of the time. Growing up is all about learning new things and adapting to the changes. 447 more words

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