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Action Figure ‘Kaito Kid from Meitantei Conan’

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Pic: Action Figure ‘Kaito Kid from Meitantei Conan’

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Kaito Kid vs Train

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Kaito Kid has made his debut onto the blog! He has many good gadgets, which allow him to be a great thief, but Train is an expert fighter with nothing to lose. 52 more words


Detective Conan Icons

030916: Added some more old icons.
121115: Some old Detective Conan icons that I made. Will update with more old ones and hopefully some new ones too! 9 more words


No Sew Cosplay: Kaito Kid 1412


Hat: Kaito is wearing a ridiculously tall white stovepipe hat which you can actually find for sale. Typically they are advertised as being for costume parties or for fun outdoor celebrations. 370 more words

Wallpaper: Kaito Kid - This is the Night

A wallpaper of Kaito and Aoko from Kaito Kid/Detective Conan. This wallpaper is 1920x1080px. Download


Grow, Live and Fun

Okay, I’ll admit. I’m not a risk taker, at most of the time. Growing up is all about learning new things and adapting to the changes. 447 more words

Chori Sugoi

20th Anniversary Detective Conan Movie Will Be Coming To Singapore This July

Detective Conan fans in Singapore will soon be able to enjoy the 19th Detective Conan movie, while celebrating Conan’s 20th anniversary, titled Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno. 399 more words