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fabricate – english translation / Black Princess

The other side of “insomnia parade”. Thanks for the meal Kaito, your lyrics with insomnia parade was really excellent to eat. toromaru’s composition is really great just like Kaito. 811 more words

Yura Hatsuki

insomnia parade – english translation / White Princess

The other side of “fabricate”. That’s been so long time that I don’t have translated Kaito’s lyrics. The last one was Fairlady: Reincarnation. I was really wishing to produce something really correct, this time. 511 more words

Yura Hatsuki


temaneki (テマネキ) 

Debut: January 21st 2017
Disband: January 6th 2018



Member History


temaneki will disband.

I’m not so sure of why, but since I heard temaneki’s song “Abyss” I’ve been so in love with this band. Vocalist hayato ran into some problems when his two original bandmates departed after only a couple of months. 89 more words


Kaito Voyager Emergency Radio

Click Here for the latest emergency preparedness tips. To those who were wishing for a positive review, I am sorry. I call it like I see it. 7 more words

Kaito Fanart

Is it me but has my artwork been a lot more… bluer lately…

Funny story, I lost the original psd file for this piece and I was only able to finish it by painting it over a drawing I posted over on Paigeeworld,  17 more words