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My Top 10 Favorite Vocaloid's

I actually really love Vocaloid. I don’t own the program itself, but I love listening and watching that sort of thing alot. For this list, I’m not including UTAU’s, only official Vocaloids. 926 more words

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Ya, saya harap ini dapat berguna…….
Lagu ini adalah tema dari Murasa Minamitsu, saya sudah lama tak menemukan lagu arasemen dari Murasa, lagu ini bercerita mengenai impian untuk bertemu kembali kalau di perhatikan lagu ini mirip dengan fly to the sky (beatnya) mungkin lagu ini dapat membuat kita menyadari sesuatu………(ku harap tidak) mungkin juga…. 375 more words

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Chapter 2.7 - The Dog Takes Over

Back for another chapter! I need to stop taking so many pictures I think… this generation is taking forever.

So I left off with Cinder and Iko getting into a fight. 1,746 more words

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Hastä la vistä

What kind of future is waiting for us, in such a relationship?
Shall we just say goodbye right now?
Pretending as if nothing ever happened.

598 more words

Chapter 2.6 - Farewell

I’ve been in such a simming mood the past few days!

JJ: I’m so hungry! *sniff* Fae used to get hungry *SOB*

Cinder: So grandpa, want me to take out the trash once we’re done eating? 1,529 more words

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Twinker Sweet Chocolate
Give me one. Give me one. Give me one.

– Yukitsuki

902 more words

Chapter 2.5 - This is CRAZY!

Yay I was finally able to play! I’d forgotten how crazy an ISBI can be! Prepare for an action-packed chapter!

Seriously. Prepare yourselves.

Oh! But before we begin: story time! 1,596 more words

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