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Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 11-12 Review

“Zi-O on Parade 2018” + “My x My Stage 2013”

Zi-O has the Gaim Ride Watch already in his hands and is ready to fight Another Gaim. 480 more words

Superhero Time

Originator V3

Originator V3 (Kaito)

Module: KAITO V3
Hairstyle: Originator Hair

Future Tone

White on black is real fun,

Also, contextless breakdown, yeehaw! I mainly just had them in glitch mode or going into glitch mode in mind or something.

I keep trying to think of a cool quote to add for this, but I can’t, so.

This was just an experimental dodle but…. I like how it came out,,

Sub: Zanzou (Hikari)

Hi, folks! Long time no see.

When I first started my Vocaloid Youtube channel, I didn’t have any particular plans for it. I was just using it as a place to upload videos I liked so I could share them easily with my friends who didn’t have Nico Nico Douga accounts. 159 more words

Alternate coloration for their WaTGBS costumes, for the fun of it. I like how Rin’s looks…. 32 more words