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on the rocks

Producer: OSTER Project feat. KAITO and MEIKO

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Paralyzed suddenly on the corner of the street,
My eyes wandered up to the stifling sky… 370 more words


[Traducción] PartyxParty, de Vocaloid (lyrics en japonés, romanji y español)


Siguiendo con las traducciones de las canciones del juego Beat Beat Vocaloid Plus, hoy os traigo PartyxParty ~Fiesta por fiesta~.

La protagonista de esta canción (Hatsune Miku) no consigue conciliar el sueño, así que decide hacer la fiesta de sus sueños. 1,195 more words


Magical Mirai 2015 Setlist!

Funny, usually I know instantly when a Vocaloid concert is happening, but this one surprised me earlier today on Facebook. It would appear that Magical Mirai 2015 is underway! 271 more words


have another try// neon step

StarRingChild – Aimer

Chapppyybox has requested more abs for later drawings, I’ll see what I can do…it’s also “999 Week” over on Tumblr.


Vocaloid Family Cosplay Costume The Secret Black Vow

The vocaloid Dell Honne cosplay costume is sleek and fashionable with a grey silk shirt and black trousers. The Vocaloid Aku Yamine Cosplay cosyume is a purple and white Lolita type dress. 301 more words

Whats Vocaloid Family Cosplay Costume The Secret Black Vow

Vocaloid is innovative synthesizing software which was first developed and introduced by Yamaha Corporation in Japan. This software enables to sing and make music by typing in the lyrics and melody. 354 more words