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Apa Sih Vocaloid Itu?

Hai kawan-kawan disini saya akan menjelaskan nih apa sih itu Vocaloid? Pasti disini kalian pada tau Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin dan Kawan-kawan kan? tapi kalian tidak tau apa itu vocaloid. 250 more words

Hatsune Miku

Smoking Kills

*smoking in the living room*

Gerry: “when will you stop smoking?”

Me: “when you stop buying cigars”

Gerry: “smoking kills”

Me: “and so does an annoyed husband”



*while driving*

Me: “i want to have a baby”

Gerry: “okay honey”

Me: “but i dont want to get pregnant. They say its painful to give birth” 42 more words


Cheating On Each Other

*talking on phone*

Me: “if you dont come home by midnight, im cheating on you”

Gerry: “you already cheated with your brother”

Me: “well you cheated on me with your work” 46 more words



Some day around mid 2016…

Kyle: *casually scrolling down his twitter timeline*

Me: *suddenly exclaimed* “HUH?!”

Kyle: *startled* “what? What?!”

Me: “what what, what?”

Kyle: “why did you exclaimed ‘huh’ just now?” 92 more words


Ugly Brunet

Kyle: *making silly faces*

Me: “why are you so ugly its like youre asking me to kill you”

Kyle: “…”


Bedtime Conversation With Hispanic Bear

Me: “dont touch me. Im mad at you. Im witholding sex”

Gerry: “i would give you all the sex you want if you can withold sex more than 24 hours”

Me: “i hate you”