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Kaito Voyager Emergency Radio

Click Here for the latest emergency preparedness tips. To those who were wishing for a positive review, I am sorry. I call it like I see it. 7 more words

Kaito Fanart

Is it me but has my artwork been a lot more… bluer lately…

Funny story, I lost the original psd file for this piece and I was only able to finish it by painting it over a drawing I posted over on Paigeeworld,  17 more words


KAITO, Luka and Miku - Acute (Translyrics)

Break away from all we know, like a flower of hate blooming slow
Words like knives are stabbing in, bringing pain up from within
Trapping us like in a dream, we’ll keep burning through these memories… 391 more words


KAITO and Miku - Cantarella (Translyrics)

Gazes we can’t hide, secrets locked inside
In our world, we steal a single glance
Pretending like so, you act like you don’t know
How you’re stuck inside a simple trance… 239 more words


Random pics

Aiden is getting used to being a dad.

Colin and Megan are teaching Kaito to dance. Because she hates kids, she’s doing it from a reasonable distance and practically behind a wall.. 82 more words

Padraig's children

Padraig’s twins Mairead and Cian grew up, and he took them to meet their half brother, Kaito;

And they met their brother Cormac (who is sitting on the couch in disguise) 95 more words