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Roasted Tarsk Loin

I started this blog as a way to just write about the meals I cook for my master. It makes me feel good knowing I am taking care of him, and most often it isn’t going to be gourmet chef Ramsay’s cooking, sometimes what I cook comes from boxes, but regardless I want to share it. 503 more words


Chronicle of The Bosk 001

I would just like to thank Heidi for being such a good sport about the capture…

Chronicle of Besnit 022

Yeah it’s been one of those days.  I’m up to late trying to post after too much stress.  Fortunately I have a few lovely shots I can post.  7 more words

Chronicle of Besnit 021

This picture was taken in the Black Larl Inn.  I have never found a good caption for it.  Right now my oldest sister is in the hospital and will have to have her gal bladder removed.  21 more words