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I see you

There are moments when I spin into Chaos. I get bratty, or I have a panic attack. I have noticed if my Master holds me down during these times, or ties my arms and wrists up, I calm down. 467 more words

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Village of Sais

The journey through Second Life has detours for all kinds of experiences. One of the biggest adventures for second lifers is the roleplay aspect. Take on the persona of a fictional character from books, movies or something completely made up and help write the story one paragraph or “emote” at a time. 740 more words


Judge yourself first before judging me

My Master decides what I am. If He wants me to serve as both His kajira and His little, then that is what I am to Him. 283 more words

His Beloved Lil Kajira

When a slave is beautiful

I am fond of the slave dances. It is hard for a woman to be more beautiful than when she dances her beauty as a slave before masters. 106 more words

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Grateful Challenge 2016 Day 126

I have to admit, I have been so discouraged on my submissive path. Many Doms that did not work well with me, have parted ways, constantly informing me that I am not submissive. 70 more words

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You Always Want What You're Running From...

Sometimes, a slave wants very much to attract the attention of a man, but sometimes, too, she does not.

Dancer of Gor, pg 386

I was inspired the other day by the song “Bittersweet” by Ellie Goulding.

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