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You Always Want What You're Running From...

Sometimes, a slave wants very much to attract the attention of a man, but sometimes, too, she does not.

Dancer of Gor, pg 386

I was inspired the other day by the song “Bittersweet” by Ellie Goulding.

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Kink Shamers Unite... and Then Fuck Right Off

There is only one submissive role that won’t get you shamed in the BDSM community: the altruistic, 100% obedient sub (Did I mention perfection was a necessity? 374 more words


Really? No, for real??

13:29] Second Life: Incoming message from 
Autoresponse sent
 : I see you are all in Kar now.
: good timing, the houe rental ran out earlier today. 2,439 more words



These past few days I’ve been looking deeper into what kind of submissive I am. I took many online bdsm quizzes. Which I know sounds silly, to let those quizzes define me. 356 more words

Getting in Touch with my Inner Kajira

Growing up Protestant, I was jealous of my Catholic friends who enjoyed the rich traditions and rituals of their brand of Christianity.

I loved the drama, the nudity, the raw passion portrayed in the stained glass windows and the realistic sculptures. 425 more words


.Dragon Tamer.

Now that I’m not so busy in my real life anymore, I wanted to get back to blogging! Just in time also for the FGC and WE<3RP new build. 131 more words

Submission is Not in the Bowing of Heads or Knees...

I’ve been thinking on this post for a while. There’s been a lot going on, and when that happens, that usually means that my mind is running a million miles a minute anyway. 1,070 more words