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Submission is Not in the Bowing of Heads or Knees...

I’ve been thinking on this post for a while. There’s been a lot going on, and when that happens, that usually means that my mind is running a million miles a minute anyway. 1,070 more words

Bite Your Lip, Get Up and Dance... ((or Serve?))

Okay, so I might be a member of the younger generation, but I figured that everyone could appreciate the small nod to Elton John in the blog title. 956 more words

New ~ Silk Kajira Wrap

New Kajira Wrap Set Embroidered Silk Crop top with Silk Wrap, flexi ties & Bangles


Dance Like No One's Watching

Indeed, I suspected that there would always be more to learn about service and love, that such things were fathomless and limitless, and, thus, in a sense, the notion of being “fully trained,” or knowing all there was to know, was in actuality less of a practical goal than a lovely ideal, one which might perhaps be approached ever more closely, but would never be, and perhaps should never be, fully attained.

958 more words

Looking for a Reason...

Every kajira that dances in Gor has their reasoning for doing so. Some simply love to dance. Some have a Master or a Mistress that inspires them to dance. 730 more words

They are the Best!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes you have to go through the dark hard times to get to the good times. What do I mean?  Well I have been a slave on Sl since 2008 searching and looking. 235 more words


It's been a while ... What's goin' on?

But I have not forgotten about my blog. There is just so so much going on in SL, that sometimes you can’t write about it and well just need to let it pass. ¬† 209 more words