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My Master spent the entire day out, lunch, shopping, trying on clothes, etc etc etc. Though I am in so much pain today it was soooo worth it. 8 more words

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Falling in love with my Master all over again, because he blind folded me, took me out to the boonies, and danced with me under the stars. 32 more words

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Chronicle of Memory Carā

The original image intended for today had to do with Thanksgiving and will be run tomorrow.  I learned of Carā passing and felt the need to remember her.  20 more words

Chronicle of Besnit 004

This was a very drawn out RP taking over a week to get to the point that Cara had the sock puppets.  She put them on because the casts got boring.  18 more words

I see you

There are moments when I spin into Chaos. I get bratty, or I have a panic attack. I have noticed if my Master holds me down during these times, or ties my arms and wrists up, I calm down. 467 more words

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Village of Sais

The journey through Second Life has detours for all kinds of experiences. One of the biggest adventures for second lifers is the roleplay aspect. Take on the persona of a fictional character from books, movies or something completely made up and help write the story one paragraph or “emote” at a time. 740 more words