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Kajukenbo Concepts: Multiple Attack Drills!

Kajukenbo Concepts: Multiple Attack Drills!

Sparring, or rolling one-on-one is a great way for MMA fighters to sharpen up their skills and prepare for a competition. 195 more words

Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu

The Aloha Challenge Martial Arts Tournament - Supporting The Next Generation Of Martial Artists And Athletes.

*October 2014 archive*

The Aloha Challenge Martial Arts Tournament took place last Saturday, October 4th at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose.  The tournament was open to all styles and all skill levels for competitors 17 and under.  94 more words


Chi and Ghosts - Part II

My two least favorite words in the English language are “used to”.  As in:  I used to study Kajukenbo.  I used to live in San Diego.  2,091 more words

Chi and Ghosts - Part I

I spent ten uninterrupted years studying Kajukenbo.  When I started at the age of thirty, I was so achingly bad at it I would routinely lose myself in giggling fits whenever my Sifu tried to teach me a new technique.  2,520 more words

Kajukenbo Ohana Kuwait For Kids

The only school in Kuwait that has direct ties to Hawaii
With 2nd Degree Black Belt Head Instructor Ahmed Bu-Marzouq
of Kajukenbo Ohana Kuwait

For more info: 10 more words

Kuwait Mom

Approach Your Husband With Ease / Do Not Sneak Up On A Blackbelt

Imagine a cold winter night, and a wife who anxiously awaits her IT job having husband who yet again has put in overtime on some mundane computer problem caused by something ridiculous. 553 more words

H2HK WMMA News: An inside look at “South Valley’s Own” Angelica Chavez XFC Women's Atomweight

In one of the most anticipated debuts of 2013, “South Valley’s Own” Angelica Chavez is just weeks away from making her first appearance in the… 648 more words