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Feb 4th GST823 Updates

Britnee, Kyla and Kaytlen volunteered at the Girl Scouts after school program again today.


Kaytlen, Kyla, Alexis and Aleah attended Kajukenbo class #4.

After attending 6 kajukenbo classes, the girls will have earned their “Make Your Own” Kajukenbo Badge.

Girl Scouts

Self Defense & Visitors

January 28th – Kajukenbo Class #3:

We had a couple visiting Girl Scouts from the State of Washington!  The Woodward girls – Junior Girl Scout from Troop #41873 and Brownie Girl Scout from Troop #41576… 59 more words

Girl Scouts

Distance Equals Potential

Distance:  Noun.  A state in which people are not involved or friendly toward each other.

That is what I asked for.

And that is what I have received. 496 more words

Jan 24th GST823 Updates

January is quickly coming to an end but it’s been a great month of activities for our troop. We had two troop meetings – on the 3rd and the 17th, we had our Cookie Rally on the 7th, we started our Kajukenbo classes to earn our “Make Your Own” Kajukenbo Badge on the 14th and the 21st (upcoming on the 28th), our Seniors started volunteering their time at the Girl Scouts afternoon program on the 14th and the 21st (upcoming on the 28th), and we took a night hike as part of one of the steps to earn a badge on the 22nd.   171 more words

Girl Scouts

Kajukenbo Concepts: Multiple Attack Drills!

Kajukenbo Concepts: Multiple Attack Drills!

Sparring, or rolling one-on-one is a great way for MMA fighters to sharpen up their skills and prepare for a competition. 195 more words

Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu

The Aloha Challenge Martial Arts Tournament - Supporting The Next Generation Of Martial Artists And Athletes.

*October 2014 archive*

The Aloha Challenge Martial Arts Tournament took place last Saturday, October 4th at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose.  The tournament was open to all styles and all skill levels for competitors 17 and under.  94 more words


Chi and Ghosts - Part II

My two least favorite words in the English language are “used to”.  As in:  I used to study Kajukenbo.  I used to live in San Diego.  2,091 more words