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Call to Arms

Messages From Space:

In the simple, three dimensional universe, I believe
my two arms are all I will ever have. So I have spent a… 610 more words


Kalacakra and Edward Henning

Ed Henning recently died. He was a colleague of mine as a technology journalist, but he was also an expert in the Kalachakra school of Tibetan Buddhism. 13 more words

Kashmir, two rare sculptures

This wrathful deity with three heads and 22 hands stands on a flat lotus over a pedestal supported by three lions, adorned with a foliate garland and princely jewellery, his faces painted with cold gold and pigments, his hair dyed with lapis lazuli powder. 271 more words

Asian Art

Compassion and the Individual

Compassion and the Individual

The purpose of life
ONE GREAT QUESTION underlies our experience, whether we think about it consciously or not: What is the purpose of life?  3,589 more words


Dalai Lama’s ‘Peace’ Talk Draws Thousands to Washington

The Dalai Lama Lauds Indian and American Values of Democracy, Liberty, Freedom

By Geeta Goindi

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2011 – Scores of people braved the sweltering heat Saturday to hear the Dalai Lama, one of the greatest spiritual leaders in the world today, speak on an issue which has become of paramount importance to us: Peace. 1,493 more words


Dalai Lama Marvels at Indian Democracy

Tibetean Spiritual Leader Meets Influential US Lawmakers on Capitol Hill

By Geeta Goindi

Washington, DC, July 7, 2011 – With his predilection for freedom and democracy, the Dalai Lama frequently goes on record to laud India, and he did just that Thursday, on Capitol Hill. 791 more words