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Asmara Redux | Senza Fine

The Antebellum

Margaret Mitchell’s novel “Gone With The Wind,” and the subsequent movie captured the soul of the American South before the “Antebellum,” the onslaught of the Civil War in the 1862. 483 more words


Snow Lions and lotus: a gallery of paintings from Bhutan

Bhutan’s traditional religious paintings appear in many places. Trucks bear the image of the lotus (padma or pema). The tiger, the snow lion, the dragon and the Yamantaka are seen in murals in temples as well as people’s homes. 145 more words


The Sources of the Book of Dzyan and Kiu-te in The Secret Doctrine and Tantras

The Secret Doctrine has neither been invented nor exaggerated, but, on the contrary, simply outlined; and finally (…) its teachings antedate the Vedas.” (Helena P.

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[Nghiên cứu] Mật tông

Đầu tiên, tất cả những nghiên cứu dưới đây mọi người đều có thể tìm được trên mạng, chủ yếu được tập hợp từ trang: thuvienhoasen.org.  905 more words

Tài Liệu Viết

Conversation at the ruins - The Buddhist Circuit in Odisha

Who I am is not important,but what I am matters most.
I am a curious wanderer  and I am here to tell a strange story. 5,455 more words


Call to Arms

Messages From Space:

In the simple, three dimensional universe, I believe
my two arms are all I will ever have. So I have spent a… 610 more words