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Saints and sinners

Six minute wonder

Interisland plane

Today we went to the Kalaupapa peninsula in search of Father, now Saint, Damien. It was an interesting day in many, many ways. 351 more words

“My Name is Makia” by Makia Malo

Through writings and conversations with broadcast journalist Pamela Young, former Kalaupapa resident Makia Malo shares his inspirational story in “My Name is Makia: A Memoir of Kalaupapa” (2011). 525 more words

Book Reviews

‘These people were so beautiful’; Ceremony marks 150 anniversary of Kalaupapa leper colony

Growing up, Paul Neves heard stories — vivid, sometimes devastating accounts from his mother, who described what she knew of his ancestors’ experiences in isolation at the…

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Building for movies and entertainment to be built in Kalaupapa, 1915.


Because of the benevolence of the Board of Health , by them taking up the building of a Movie and Entertainment House for the Patient Colony here, we therefore revoke our Requests put out by us to the Fundraising Committees which were approved by us. 99 more words


John Shorland Wilmington retires as postmaster of Kalaupapa, 1925.


This past May, John Shorland Wilmington turned in his resignation, requesting in that letter to leave the position as Postmaster of Kalaupapa, Molokai, on the 30th of June 1925. 222 more words