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I’ve made my pesto so now I’m ready for the winter! The volume of vegetables I harvest is not large enough for me to store for the winter, however making and storing pesto has become a yearly tradition. 702 more words

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Kale Pesto from Cuisine Magazine

I made this Kale Pesto from page 51 of the latest Cuisine Magazine, it’s super tasty and have been adding it to my lunchtime salads.  148 more words

Gluten Free

Kale and Pecan Pesto (and Dubliner Cheese)

Schools are back in full swing and it’s time for inventive sandwiches and fillings to pack in to our kids lunch boxes, right? In our house, we love kale pesto, tossed in chopped grilled chicken as a filler for whole grain croissants  It’s just another sneaky way to add nutrition in to the families diet with absolutely no complaints.  349 more words

Bruschetta with Leafy Green Pesto and Heirloom Tomatoes

Pesto + Ripe Heirloom Tomatoes + Toasted Ciabatta = Perfect  Summer Appetizer.  Warning!  May not leave room for dinner…

You could say I’m on a pesto kick.   726 more words

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Fun with Pesto

Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a good summer. I can’t believe we’re halfway through August. On one hand, I’m thrilled we’re that much closer to autumn, my favorite season and a superb time for cooking and baking. 772 more words


Meatless Monday - Kale Pesto Pasta

Kale Pesto? Sounds too healthy doesn’t it? Wait, don’t run away screaming. I know the Kale ‘fad’ has been around for a while but bear with me.   1,017 more words

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Pesto Recipe(s)

Pesto is a sauce of Italian origins, traditionally prepared as a mixture of basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and aged hard cheeses. The distinctive green color and aromatic flavors make pesto an excellent alternative to tomato based sauces to pair with a variety of Italian dishes,  pizza notwithstanding. 906 more words