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Quick Homemade Kale Chips

There’s nothing better than feeling good and feeling good about the foods we put into our bodies. Swapping out the french fries for a side salad or opting for fruit instead of creme brulee is never easy but if done consistently can yield great results for our health. 227 more words

Cheezy Kale


Kale (as much as you desire)

Nutritional yeast (depends on your level of cheezyness)

Pink Himalayan sea salt (to taste)

Grape seed oil (or your choice) 16 more words


Bacon and Kale Pizza

For the longest time, I felt that homemade bread was sort of the gold standard of home cooks. If you were making bread on your own, you had your life together, and you definitely had culinary skills. 873 more words


Cod with Sesame Seed Bagna Cauda and Lacinato Kale

I’m beginning to think that this man can do no wrong. Ottolenghi is becoming my culinary hero. He’s my gastronomic soul mate, people. Quite literally, all of his recipes slay and get in formation. 608 more words


GAPS Legal Kale Chips

I never believed I could make kale chips without burning them or turning them soggy.  After some recipe research and practice, lo and behold, the perfect kale chip! 246 more words


Malai Murgh with Kale

As you are well aware by now, I am South African with Indian roots. I’ve been on a little quest to create traditional Indian recipes, but with a unique spin on them. 664 more words


Mango kale salad, a super quick lunch or supper

Summer, winter, spring or fall, plenty of nights we want a super quick, but good-for-us supper after work. This sweet and savory mango kale salad with roasted peanuts is one of our faster-than-fast-food suppers. 869 more words