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Shanti Stupa - where War begot Peace

One of the grandsons of the Great Chandragupta Maurya was styled as ChandAshoka, who was to emerge as the victor of the war of succession that came after the death of gentle Bimbisara. 671 more words


Post 32 - Day 17 'The Realm of Orissa' (Pt 1)

The hotel meal that preceded that of this morning’s breakfast was notable for three things, apart from the obvious fact that it was the evening meal of the sixteenth day. 2,151 more words

The Scarlet River

Once upon a time in a land far, far away a king stood watching the battlefield he had just conquered. He noticed that there was blood and smoke from burnt corpses everywhere. 194 more words

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The Arrow of Destiny

The legendary king Ashoka  stood atop Dhauli hills inspecting the bank of Daya River in Kalinga, the site of final battle with mighty Kalingan army. The Sun was at zenith and it burned with a vengeance in anticipation of upcoming battle. 1,018 more words


The Elephant Buddha!

Queen Maya and King Sudodana, the royal couple of Kapilavastu are overjoyed these days as there are predictions from Gods that they would soon be blessed with a son who will become a world changer. 460 more words



Bike trip to Dhauli

Participant : Samaresh Biswal

Bike: Bajaj CT 100

Distance :  8 KM from Railway Station

Highway : NH 203

Staying in Bhubaneswar, the temple city, has many advantages. 371 more words

Samaresh Biswal

Kalinga Ghati

I sit with pain, soak its blood

burnt leaves, black soot on mud walls,
skeleton of home

I sit with pain, gulp its despair

chopping they came, was it leg first or… 65 more words