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Jubilee's Silent Agenda

Yesterday, while on Citizen TV interview, the DP William Ruto claimed that the Jubilee party is only 19 MPs short of a super majority. He further alluded that there would be no way Raila would perform as the president as Jubilee had the majority in both houses. 299 more words

Social Issues

Invalid, Null And Void; Words Many Didn't Expect - More So, The International Community.

“The greatness of any Nation lies in it’s fidelity to the Constitution, and adherence to the rule of law – and above all, respect to God” 1,381 more words


Dishonest And/Or Misleading CNN Headlines and Shoddy Reporting About Elections in Kenya

CNN Interview with John Kerry, Co-Chair of Carter Center Observer Group

This is why people hate and others simply don’t trust the media; what the CNN headline in the link above is blurting out is not what the former US Secretary said as co-Chair of the kCenter for Democracy observer group in Kenya monitoring the elections which were held there on Tusday. 545 more words


My Thoughts and Analysis of Where Things Stand Today with Elections 2017 and Potential Outcome

Forms 34A & B’s are currently being scrutinized at the National Tallying Center.

The way I see it, there are 3 outcomes I see out of Bomas of which only 1 is good for Raila and a second only partially good: 459 more words


The Presidential Tally IEBC Is Announcing Is A Sham Engineered by Jubilee Chefs and Schemers

IEBC is purporting to announce presidential results but what they’ve put out there is nothing but a sham.

In sum, Uhuru, who rigged himself into office with the help of Kibaki, and his henchmen used murdered IEBC ICT Manager’s password to access the voter system upon which they altered data resulting in manipulated results from all 47 counties. 201 more words


Why Raila Is The Man for the Job, Not Uhuru

In my column this weekend Why Raila Is The Man For The Job, Not Uhuru, I make the case why:

The 2016 presidential race in the US pitted two opponents the country loathed equally, but had to choose one since the independent candidates stood no chance. 619 more words


NASA Statement on Raid on NASA Offices in Nairobi Friday Evening And Appeal to All Regarding Voting

Will repeat this till the last vote is cast: Let not this or any other provocation by Jubilee discourage or deter anyone from doing the only thing that’s going to send Uhuru packing come Tuesday and that is, if you’re a registered voter, just show up and vote on Tuesday; if you’re not registered, take or encourage at least 1 person to vote better yet, take or encourage as many registered voters as you can to go vote on Tuesday for Raila and NASA and let’s all sit back and watch history being made when Raila is sworn as our next president, ushering in a new era of leadership and governance unlike anything we’ve seen in the past to be continued in 2022 when Raila hands the baton to Kalonzo Musyoka. 102 more words