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NASA Principals Have Kenya's Future In Their Hands

In NASA Principals Have Future of Kenya In Their Hands, I make the case why:

When Hillary Clinton announced her second bid for the presidency in April 2015, she was immediately faced with hostile opposition from within the Democratic Party by a wing that to this day, has never really liked her for a number of reasons, among them her being wife of former President Bill Clinton. 576 more words


Avoiding Pitfalls That Lie In Wait for NASA Flagbearer

In Avoiding Pitfalls That Lie In Wait for NASA Flagbearer, I suggest what the NASA principals need to do to ensure smooth sailing to nominating one of them–and the obvious one and onward to ejecting Jubilee from power. 648 more words


Jubilee Has Unwittingly Made Joho Popular

In Jubilee Has Unwittingly Made Joho Popular, I make the case why.

And now the oped in its entirety:

Ask anyone, other than a Donald Trump sycophant or hapless partisan Republican, and they will tell you that the 46th US President is the most ill-prepared to occupy that office. 650 more words


Has ODM threatened to leave NASA after Wiper?

A senior member of Wiper Party hinted that Kalonzo will go it alone if he is not picked as the NASA candidate – The statements further created tension within NASA with a statement appearing online allegedly from ODM giving the same ultimatum – However, ODM has come out to clarify the situation and give its stand on NASA . 75 more words

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The Danger of Opposition Not Uniting Behind Raila

In Danger of Opposition Not Uniting Behind Raila, I continue to make the case why Raila is the man to lead the opposition to victory come August and the man to lead the country come the day he wins but this time gets sworn as our next president. 683 more words


Breaking the Yoke of Tribalism

In Breaking the Yoke of Tribalism, I continue to preach against tribalism in Kenya; what President Magufuli said is an understatement, truth is, tribalism is not just holding us back, it’s destroying us as a nation and each one of us has a role in that, question is, are you for the destruction or for hope and progress of the nation? 694 more words