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NASA's Comprehensive Manifesto

The National Super Alliance launched its election manifesto Tuesday evening, drawing wide reactions from citizens and political commentators.

Applauded for its simplicity and touch with current realities in the country, the manifesto has been billed as the most realistic plan made for Kenya since the NARC one in 2002, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. 826 more words


Jubilee Don't Dare Rig August Poll

In my oped this weekend Jubilee Don’t Dare Rig The Polls, I make the case why:

In the weeks leading to the last presidential election in the US, it became apparent that Hillary Clinton, though much loathed even by many in the Democratic Party, was inching closer to victory than her challenger, Donald Trump, started the talk of the election being rigged in her favour. 597 more words


Deciphering Jubilee Propaganda In Daily Nation

In Greed and Lies in the Ballot Tender Wars, two Daily Nation reporters, John Kamau and John Ngirachu purport to provide what to a casual reader looks like a well written piece of news reporting you would expect from good journalists in a major daily. 2,288 more words


Too Late for Uhuru to Compensate Kisii IDPs

My Star column this weekend:

Barely a week before the November 8 election in the United States, Hillary Clinton suddenly realised a number of states that were previously safely in the Democratic Party basket could no longer be counted on. 650 more words


Chebukati, the Onus Is On You and IEBC To Prove You're Not Compromised Already

My Star oped this weekend:

For decades, the United States and Russia consistently tried to outdo each other in attempts to be the sole superpower. 638 more words


We Need A Break from Kikuyu Presidents

My Star oped this weekend:

Forty-three men have served as President of the United States with the following ethnic origins: 27 English, two English/Scottish, two English/Welsh, four Scottish, one Scottish/Irish, two Irish, three Dutch, one German and one African. 610 more words


NASA Principals Have Kenya's Future In Their Hands

In NASA Principals Have Future of Kenya In Their Hands, I make the case why:

When Hillary Clinton announced her second bid for the presidency in April 2015, she was immediately faced with hostile opposition from within the Democratic Party by a wing that to this day, has never really liked her for a number of reasons, among them her being wife of former President Bill Clinton. 576 more words