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Sundays With Strangers

This luxury penthouse is one of the crown jewels of the Hill & Kendall condo project in Kalorama, which as a neighborhood is one of the crown jewels of Northwest DC, meaning that if you lived here, you would basically have license to be as insufferable as you wanted to be.   614 more words

Sundays With Strangers

You know that scene in romantic comedies where a married man goes to a party alone and sees this gorgeous woman from across the room, decides he has to have her, and then, when she turns around, he realizes it’s his wife?  707 more words

Kalorma Drama and the Bacon Beacon

Sunday we tackled the second section of the Dandenong Ranges Walk in Weekend Walks Around Melbourne. The overall walk is broken up into four stages and over two days. 1,138 more words


Sundays With Strangers

I had an intense feeling of deja vu when I walked into this house.  I didn’t quite know why, until I remembered that my dad almost bought a house that was identical to this one when I was a kid.  754 more words

Sundays With Strangers

Looking at the glorious splendor of this fully-detached Kalorama carriage house, it’s hard to believe it used to be a building in which horses defecated. But it was. 559 more words

National Museum of American Jewish Military History

There are a large number of museums in our nation’s capitol and the surrounding area, and among them are many that are a number of specialty museums. 279 more words


Sundays With Strangers

Do you think Jeff Goldblum is more attractive than Brad Pitt? Do you prefer PBR to Sierra Nevada? Do you use a Walkman you bought at a flea market, just to annoy your iPod-using coworkers? 443 more words