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The endurance of the human bladder

As Alfred Hitchcock famously said, “the length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder”, but some of the films below stretch that endurance somewhat – happily, not as much Béla Tarr’s… 328 more words


Pakeezah: the Tragedy Queen’s last film became a cinematic eulogy, born from the labour of love

He is her redemption. She is the love he hides in the pain of his eyes. Nargis (Meena Kumari) had been waiting with bated breath for the night whose darkness would set her free. 1,158 more words


Moving pictures 2017, #32

Two Hollywood films in this batch, although I’m not entirely sure that label can be applied to the first US film mentioned – Noomi Rapace as the female lead! 1,895 more words


Hindi Film 101: Meena Kumari Part 3, The Last Loves

Second to last Meena post! I was hoping to squish it all into this one.  But I can’t short-change Dharmendra!  Or her epic death. (part 1… 2,113 more words

Hindi Film 101

Hindi Film 101: Meena Kumari Part 2, The Years as a Wife

Welcome back to Meena Kumari part 2!  As I mentioned in the first part, this is almost entirely based on her classic biography, published within weeks of her death.   2,065 more words

Hindi Film 101

Hindi Film 101: Meena Kumari Part 1, The Years as a Daughter

I’m finally doing Meena Kumari!  Because she was consistently the second choice every time I gave you options.  And because I have this book (be aware, it’s written in an unusual style for a bio.   2,445 more words

Hindi Film 101

Pakeezah - 1971

Basic info
  1. Director: Kamal Amrohi
  2. Alternative Titles: Pure One; Pure Heart; The Pure
  3. Country: India; Year: 1971; Language: Hindi; Runtime: 175 min; Color: Color; Sound:
  4. 144 more words