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Ultimate Gohan for Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Gohan and he’s all grown up… mentally and physically.


Power: SS Speed: B Reach: A Technique: A Energy: A

Ease of Use: S

Normals… 252 more words


Kid Goku for Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Time for a blast from the past: our hero Goku as a kid.


Power: A  Speed: A  Reach: B  Technique: S  Energy: B

Ease of Use: S… 340 more words


Master Roshi for Dragon Ball: FighterZ

I have designed a moveset concept for the venerable Master Roshi.


Power: B Speed: B Reach: A Technique: SS Energy: A

Ease of Use: A… 333 more words


Chi-Chi for Dragon Ball: FighterZ

I now introduce to you my new format for FighterZ moveset concepts.

First up, Chi-Chi … the first female fighter and “strongest woman in the world” 306 more words


100 Days of Anime: Day 91

Day 91, guys. We’re 91 Days through the 100 Day Anime Challenge, and today’s question is: What is your favorite attack used by an Anime character? 198 more words


Built FORD Tough Matchup: (5) Kamehameha vs. (1) Saint Louis

Sixty years ago, the game would have been played at the old Honolulu Stadium.

But on Saturday night, Aloha Stadium will be the site of the ILH Division I championship round. 62 more words

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Our Feminine Looking Male Protagonist Outsmarts A Rival Mecha Otaku - Knight's & Magic Review

It’s been a long time since my last article but I’m back from the dead to talk about Knight’s & Magic. In my midseason article, I praised its consistency and pacing of the storytelling. 1,062 more words

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