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'No local address.' Crazed vagrants unleash mayhem

A ranting homeless lunatic allegedly stabbed a good Samaritan to death in Kapiolani Park the other day after the victim tried to defuse a confrontation between the loon and a hapless bystander. 133 more words

Hawaiian Vintage: Where to Find It and What to Expect

It’s absolutely no secret that I am a diehard fan of Hawaiian prints. From retro goodness to true vintage treasures, there’s absolutely nothing that parallels Hawaiian or Tiki as a summer “must-have”. 1,152 more words


Hawai'i-- Day Six! +Closing Thoughts

My final day in Hawaii has come at last and I’m proud to say that I definitely made the most of it. Jesse and I started off the day at the Aloha swap meet in town, where I found some last-minute souvenirs to take home. 1,301 more words

TEDxHonolulu 2016

Volunteered at our very successful TEDxHonolulu 2016 event at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. This year’s theme was “Flow.” It was one of our better events for attendees due to the rich interactive exhibits. 159 more words


What would Kamehameha do?

Through military innovation and ruthless conquest, he united these islands under one flag.  He killed more Hawaiians than the haoles ever did, and made no apologies.  286 more words

Day 51

Day 51: Next time on Dragonball Z!

Running headlong into the 90s nostalgia, Dragonball Z also celebrated their 30th anniversary, prominently featured as a headlining snow sculpture at the Sapporo Snow Festival (Believe me, this thing was huge). 115 more words

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