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Aloha :) nur damit ihr vorgewarnt seid: das ist wird ein super langer Eintrag und wahrscheinlich werde ich noch ein extra Posting nur für Bilder machen.😄 1,104 more words

“Sprightly, and beautiful for a Polynesian” (Part II)

After “eating the land” at Lahaina, Kamehameha moved his court to O’ahu in 1804, in the last stages of preparation before attacking the island of Kaua’i. 1,451 more words


Tying the Knot

Congrats to two of the Bishop Brothers for “tying the knot!”
No, they didn’t marry each other. Hehe. But they got married on consecutive Saturdays. 120 more words


Kamehameha the Great and His Celebration

Every child growing up in Hawai‘i was taught about Hawaiian history, especially King Kamehameha the great, an amazing leader who unified the Hawaiian islands and reigned over them during the early 19th century. 474 more words


Dragon Ball Z, Epicness , Epicness Everywhere Part 1

Officially this is my first blog entry, It means a lot to me this topic is my first one, because It´s something I know well, and specially I love about it, and as you could see, it is an Anime … wait I correct.., It is THE ANIME!!!. 536 more words


KSEdTech Conference

Our Kamehameha Schools Education Technology Conference was a huge success! The theme this year was Hana Pono, (to work with purpose/passion.)

I was able to promote the conference on Hawai’i Public Radio on the… 80 more words