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Kamisama Kiss Vs. Gugure Kokkuri-san

I should start with a spoiler alert! If you hadn’t seen either of these two anime series and plan to, LEAVE NOW or read on at your OWN RISK! 870 more words


Kamisama Kiss Review (Don't do Crack! >:-O)

First I would like to say that I really like Kamisama Kiss, despite the fact that Nanami is REALLY annoying. I get it! You love Tomoe. 848 more words

Watching so much anime in one day ^~^

So my day didn’t go as planned. I was supposed to look up Ga Rei episode 1, but then side tracked to Ed’s proposal to Winry. 478 more words

Tuesday's Top 5: Romantic Anime

I must admit, while I love darker anime and frequently lean toward action, mystery and horror, I certainly have gathered quite the collection of romances as well. 933 more words


Review: Hakkenden - Eight Dogs of the East: Season 1

Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa and Hamaji are the only three survivors of Otsuka village, a settlement ravaged by plague and cleansed in fire. Five years after the event, their families live under the scrutiny of the Imperial Church – a thinly veiled Vatican – and come to claim the demonic sword Murasame who resides inside Shino’s body. 511 more words


[Kamisama Kiss] Kurama Shinjirou


Kurama Shinjirou by me

Photo by Heinz

Thank Katzi for lending me the wings and Laura for supportting!

My Cosplay