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Flops and Runs

I was fortunate enough to see both Glenda and Lilly flopping into their fences yesterday. They’re both such relaxed sleepers. I was in the basement last night and heard what sounded like thunder. 55 more words


AÇMÖF Bülteni | Dosya: Suriye Krizi, Avrupa Birliği ve Türkiye yayınlandı!

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Avrupa Çalışmaları Merkezi Öğrenci Forumu (AÇMÖF), süreli yayın olarak çıkarılmaya başlanan Akademik Bültenler Serisi’nin beşinci sayısı ile yeniden karşınızda!

20 Ekim 2006 tarihinde yayın hayatına başlayan ve günümüze dek 32 sayıyı geride bırakan Boğaziçi Bülten’inde şimdiye kadar Avrupa Birliği’nden ifade özgürlüğüne, Hrant Dink özel sayısından, gündemde yer alan birçok konu hakkında analiz ve yorumlara yer verilmiştir. 326 more words

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Litter Box Queens

Both Lilly and Glenda always dance for their food. And any other time I come in their pens, hoping to get a treat out of me! 54 more words


Identical Cous-buns!

Golden lops Glenda and Lilly are both here with us for the week and I feel like I’m seeing double! They both look very similar and are total sweethearts. 67 more words


Rusty with the Caramel Center

Little Rusty is going home today and I’ll have a day and half until more bunnies come. It’ll be nice to have the use of both of my hands for a couple nights now, but I will miss the Rust-man. 83 more words


Yes Master Rusty!

I can only can use one hand when I’m with Rusty because the other hand has to be petting him. Occasionally he sits up and takes a bath so I get to stop, but I can’t stray very far. 57 more words


The Hamper Jump

I cleaned up my room this morning and had to close Charlie and Piper out for a little while. Piper was not happy about it, even though she spends half of the day in the hall anyway, and tried repeatedly to get back in. 81 more words