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Budgie & Snoopy's Grand Farewell

Budgie and Snoopy have just left home today. I’m going miss those sweet bunny-brothers! I’ll get a one-day break in which to clean up and set up for the next bunny-rush this weekend. 12 more words


The Licking Rabbit

Budgie loves going over to Snoopy to groom him. Sometimes, Snoopy grooms him back, but mostly he just goes to sleep at the fence, and Budgie snuggles in next to him.  68 more words


Sleep & Pep

After Rusty went home, I let my boys back into the end of the living room. I left the “window” between pens open so Snoopy could say hello to them. 52 more words


Petting is Your Privilege

Yesterday Budgie climbed into my lap when I was petting him and slid on my dress a little. He didn’t seem to mind though. He continued licking me and asking me to pet him some more. 110 more words


Snuggling Through Fences and on Couches

Yesterday Budgie and Snoopy were grooming each other through the fence. First Budgie stuck his nose through and Snoopy licked him, then Snoopy asked Budgie to lick him back. 75 more words


Kamp! - Deny

Kamp! have returned with the new single ‘Deny’. Recorded in the Red Bull Station in Sao Paulo the track is the first single of their upcoming and currently untitled third album. 163 more words


Hare-Conditioning and Popsicles

We’re in the middle of a mini heatwave right now and all the buns in the house are relaxing just a little bit more than usual. 104 more words