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Is It Dinnertime Yet?

Duffy is such a sweet little guy. The small ones aren’t always very friendly, but this little one is. He’s around 4-5 lbs I’d say, and as sweet as the caramel and chocolate swirls in his coat. 126 more words


Ears Up, It's the Cops!

I noticed that Douglas raises his ears when he’s cleaning them. It’s always odd to see a lop with their ears up, especially when they do it by themselves. 150 more words


Always Be Petting!

ABP: Always be petting. At least that’s Mason’s motto. If I’m petting him and I stop for a moment, he keeps nudging me until I start again. 100 more words


*CHINs* Your Stuff is Now Mine!

Every day when I go into Douglas’ pen to hang out with him, he jumps up onto the coffee table and checks out the tray of stuff I bring in there with me. 167 more words


How Big and Sweet You Are

Mason and Douglas are always happy to see me. They both run right over to the fence and put their paws up high. They’re probably looking for treats, but a pet on the head seems to suffice most of the time. 81 more words



Servas Israel invites you to a guided tour across, which will provide the unique opportunity to see for yourself, first-hand and up-close the diversity in our small country Israel. 172 more words


Rakin' in the Bunny Fur

I groomed Douglas quite a bit yesterday. He’s a pretty good boy about it, but no bunny likes it when you’re plucking fur from their butt. 113 more words