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How to become an Agile Developer in 10 Steps

#1, Pair programming
– It’s nice start then trying pair salary negotiations, pair coffee sugaring, and pair shoe tying.

#2, Unit Testing
– Backing your code with unit tests make it less prone to errors. 248 more words

Agile Theory

Zenkit wants to combine the best of Wunderlist and Trello

Zenkit, the project management service from German software producer Axonic, has recently made a name for itself as an alternative to Trello and similar… 329 more words


Visualisation of "Very very important tasks"

“I have this very important task that needs to get done. Who will do it?”
This is a phrase often heard, and every ScrumMaster eventually will have to deal with. 545 more words

Sudden plunged into Productivity!

Every morning, whenever I arrived in the office, I usually face my office laptop clueless for about 5 minutes. Clueless of priority tasks and meetings for the day or tomorrow. 405 more words


New Kanban Game Available

Around two years ago I was introduced to a Kanban board game which we used as part of a training program and I really enjoyed it, it was a great learning tool but it had three major drawbacks. 519 more words


Avoid Product Liposuction

One of the biggest mistakes a Product Owner can make is to want it all. I’ve heard Product Owners say, “We need all these features and nothing can be omitted.” My first reaction to this statement was “Really? 487 more words


Identifying Waste in Your Processes

I think as agile practitioners we can learn a lot from Lean thinking and there are a number of concepts of Lean that I think apply very well to Agile Software Development. 1,839 more words