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On Pull, Entropy and Bottlenecks

A common scenario

Teams tend to work on features from the entry point in, pushing the behaviour through the system. In my experience this is almost always a bad idea, and I’m going to explain why, and offer some alternative approaches. 1,161 more words


Of notepad and actions log

Yesterday, I decided that I would change the way I was managing my workload at work. I was using wunderlist until now, an app designed to manage to-do lists a bit in the GTD mode. 548 more words


The Volcano - Enterprise kanban board

We have been using Kanban over a year now, and things are really progressing well. I have written two previous blog post about our visualization work, and they have both… 1,870 more words


Agile Data Science: Applying Kanban in the Analytics Life Cycle

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder whether data science as a discipline is still in the dark ages. From my vantage point as a practicing data scientist, I see that too many projects still rely on personal heroics for success. 1,269 more words

Data Science

Knowledge management (in a software organization)

How to make even your mother a software professional!


  1. “The excessive focus on the product and delivery of value to customer, lack of practice, pressure of time or the absence of formal knowledge-transfer system can make knowledge sharing difficult” .

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Software Engineering

Our Family Kanban Board - What happens when mom was a CSM in her previous life

The place where I work at home, used to look like this:

Okay, so the books are organized. That is because it was one of the first things that Nathan and I did when we moved into our home. 734 more words

I Heart Work

How to help your recruiters move forward? - A short case study

Ever since I started sourcing for “agile” IT professionals in London, I have been fascinated by related methodologies. I was knee deep in figuring out what acronyms like ATDD, TDD, XP meant and looked like in practice, how agile, scrum, kanban, etc. 1,143 more words