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Someone Just Beat Me To My Book Idea

Greetings from ABA Techshow 2018, where today I learned that Larry Port and Dave Maxfield have just published the book that I’ve been thinking about writing for years. 879 more words

JIRA Tip: issues showing on Kanban board but missing on Scrum board

Let’s say you have two JIRA projects, project K using a Kanban board and project S using a Scrum board. Each project with its own set of statuses and workflows. 118 more words


The Magic Solution

Agile Comic Strip – First Episode of the first Season ^^


No More Fake Deadlines

Fake Deadlines are the biggest life sucking hole
in the history of business.

Fake Deadlines do not follow reason, they are
illogical and capricious.

Fake Deadlines waste the most valuable asset of… 169 more words