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Flow: The “New” Agile Wild West or Common Sense Ideas?

One of my recent articles on Flow received some constructive criticism on-line from Academics quarters, which, is perfectly fine but it was also branded as a “fad” and I couldn’t be more delighted!! 1,191 more words


Agile Methodologies : Kanban

After Scrum methodology discussion here.

Looking at some of the details about Kanban:

A (Very) Short History of Kanban

In the late 1940s, Toyota found a better engineering process from an unlikely source: the supermarket. 1,240 more words


Time for a few upgrades. Since I can’t add anymore brain cells… I’ll settle for aids.

I tried the iPad with the fire timer. That was a fire fail because you have to deal with keeping it charged all day. 53 more words


What's the Difference? Agile vs Scrum vs Waterfall vs Kanban

From Agile to Scrum to Waterfall to Kanban, there are a variety of different project management frameworks. Some, like Scrum, follow a more rigid, structured methodology. 57 more words


Some Thoughts on the Toyota Production System

The Toyota production system (TPS) was not designed.

The technique we call the Toyota production system was born through our various efforts to catch up with the automotive industries of western advanced nations… 612 more words


How to describe a Fractal in Agile

A fractal is a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern displayed at every scale.

Modularity and Fractal behaviors of scaling “Agile” frameworks. Do you see the consequential behavior of scaled Agile implementations as fractal patterns?

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Defining Velocity for relative estimating teams (Agile)

Defining Velocity

Let’s define “velocity” in “Agile” (or should I say more accurately relative estimating teams?) terms before we get started so that we have a shared understanding of what the community and thought leaders have to say. 822 more words

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