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Definition of done (DOD) in TFS online

Definition of done have been around for a while now. It’s a part of the scrum framework and also used in other contexts. The purpose of the definition of done list is to have a checklist that team together must follow before they can say they are done. 312 more words


Production des assets

Pour pouvoir me concentrer sur la création des mécaniques et sur le game design en général, j’ai fait appel à plusieurs personnes pour la production des assets visuels et sonores. 33 more words


Clearing the Clutter

Our brains are no longer the only tools for storing information but still we manage to stuff them with endless task lists, people management, the lessons learnt, dates, politics, work agendas, relationships, time management, invitations, obligations, Aunt Sue’s recipes and files upon files which ultimately bogs and slows them down. 647 more words


Simple work priority guidance for #Kanban teams

The following is a very simple suggested order of work for #Kanban teams that has worked for me in the past:

  1. Fix an unhealthy increment (broken build, recently introduced defects, etc.)
  2. 64 more words

Food, Attention Deficit and Context Switching

“The art of eating your work.”

Okay, had a stray thought while eating breakfast one fine Saturday morning.  It dawn on me that in today’s twitch generation, many people have fallen victim to the dangers of attention deficit and context switching. 505 more words

Project Management

Kanban M&M's at Lean Agile Scotland

Come and get your free Kanban M&M’s at my Kanban Essentials workshop at Lean Agile Scotland on 7th October. The session is aimed at newbies to Kanban who want to learn the bare essentials. 64 more words


Sanjiv Augustine on Scaling Agile, No-Management and Agile 2015 Executive Forum

Sanjiv Augustine talks about his new book “Scaling Agile: A Lean JumpStart”, reinventing organizations and the implementation of no-management at LitheSpeed and the Agile 2015 Executive Forum. 11 more words