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Brief Summary of Kanban from the Inside

Here is a brief summary of Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows – one of the best books on Kanban –> brief-summary-of-kanban-from-the-inside

#Spelunking your #Backlog

it all seems so simple on first blush. Process the items in your backlog in priority sequence, rinse, and repeat. What could possibly go wrong? 367 more words


What are the differences/similarities between Kanban and Scrum?

Scrum and Kanban are not necessarily that much different, provided that Kanban usually builds on the top of an existing framework, which is generally Scrum. If, however,  we really want to compare the two methodologies, the final conclusion is: Kanban is less prescriptive, Scrum is more prescriptive. 447 more words


Register for the 3rd WorkFlowy Webinar on Task Management

UPDATE: The webinar scheduled for February 16th has been postponed to February 23rd. If you had previously registered for February 16th, please go ahead and re-register via the link below.  265 more words

How I Use WorkFlowy

The End Of Agile Estimation: Predictability Isn't A Good Thing™

In the last post I gave an overview of large scale build which used Kanban and that shunned estimates. In this post I will get into why Agile estimation is not aligned to agile values. 556 more words


Agile Board design principles - columns

In previous articles I have stressed the importance of Agile Boards to good software development practice, and speculated on methodological reasons why their implementation is often half-hearted / sub-standard. 831 more words

Agile Boards

Scrum, Kanban, and the importance of visualisation

In a series of articles I discuss the importance of visualisation of work using an Agile Board for effective software development. I contend that while most teams attempt this to some extent, relatively few think about it much or do it particularly well. 775 more words

Agile Boards