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Little's Law: It's about WIP

When we discuss Kanban and WIP limits Little’s law is often quoted. I set out to get an understanding about what it is and how we can use it to help us as we learn about Kanban. 619 more words


Carlos Goes Agile

We played the GetKanban game today. Here’s our position at the end of Day 11. People who know the game dread this moment. They know: Carlos, the game’s most infamous character, is about to show up. 517 more words


Carlos, You're Fired!

Those who have played the GetKanban board game (one of Kanban training tools and a regular occurrence at Kanban community meetups) are likely to remember two dramatic moments. 491 more words


Kanban Training in Canada

As a Kanban coach and trainer, I often get asked about Kanban training: availability, which class to take, why, what about certifications, and so on. With this post, I hope to outline the key answers to such questions, focusing on what’s available right here in Canada. 757 more words


Agile: To Embed QA or Not Embed QA, That Is the RISK!

The focus of Agile developers tends to be delivering “customer-ready” software by the end of every sprint.

I’m all for that of course. Delivering usable software by the end of a sprint is one of the core differences between Agile and waterfall processes. 943 more words

Flow and Systems Thinking

A key principle of systems thinking is that optimizing any single part of a system through process improvement does not necessarily improve the overall capability of the entire system.  608 more words