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Interview with a Fellow EDM Lover

Hey guys!

Lucky for me, a lot of my close friends also love EDM just as much as I do!  We go to shows together all the time and have made so many awesome memories doing so.   17 more words

Why Kandi Kids are the Koolest Kids

It was at my very first rave that I was also introduced to the world of kandi.  Nothing but cheap plastic bracelets consisting primarily of elastic string and colorful pony beads, these EDM culture icons hold special and symbolic meaning to rave-goers everywhere.   457 more words

Get Your PLUR On


Today I want to write about the universal code of conduct that brings all true ravers together as one happy family: PLUR.  Since the birth of EDM and raving, this all-but-secret handshake has been uniting dance music culture all around the globe.   698 more words

EDC vs Trade Show

On June 17 – 19th, I plan on attending EDC Las Vegas. This will be the 5th EDC I have attended in a row. EDC originally began in Los Angeles. 161 more words


Nocturnal Wonderland - Insomniac Events

Nocturnal Wonderland is Insomniac’s first ever rave. Has been established since 1993 and is been hosted by Insomniac’s CEO, Pasquale Rotella. Pasquale is like a god in the rave realm. 311 more words


Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 2

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 2! I hope you enjoy!


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