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Kandinsky on painting 

‘Generally speaking, colour is a power which directly influences the soul.’ ~ Kandinsky

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What Painters Think About

Folks have asked me what I think about while I’m working on a painting.  If it’s a funny or sarcastic project, they assume that I’m cackling nonstop as I mix colors and apply brushstrokes.  820 more words

Assemblage Artists Research

Wallace Berman

The Father of assemblage, born in Staten Island, New York (1926-1976). He created “Verifax collages” the method of photocopying images of photographs from magazines or newspapers. 2,412 more words



Perspective is the depiction of depth and space.

It is a geometric method of rendering space so a picture has a three dimensional feel to it. 752 more words

A-Z Weekly Round up...Letters to Dead Artists.

Welcome to Sunday, which is a day of rest in A-Z realms. Well, that is, if you’re not like me and somehow managed to mix N up with M and I ended up posting a letter to Sidney Nolan two days early, and to Edvard Munch, a day late. 320 more words


Art for art's sake

Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) wrote that the purpose of art being fundamentally an expression of inner meaning. Anything else is merely “art for art’s sake”: 286 more words


Un blanc

En peinture comme en vie, on attend parfois. Une pensée, un mot, un geste, un rien qui est dense du potentiel des possibles.

”Le blanc sonne comme un silence, un rien avant tout commencement.” 49 more words