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11.09.17 SD - Right out of the gate (AUS)

Greetings, Ramblers!

AUS posts are dedicated to the many adventures that I will embark on during my Australia 2017 trip. I want to take you all along for the ride while I see what the southern hemisphere has to offer! 548 more words


Pokemon Episode 34 Analysis: The Kangaskhan Kid

CotD(s): Tommy – A young kid who was accidentally dropped into the Safari Zone by his father and left to be raised by Kangaskhan, Tommy is a very excitable and wild child, though he’s also very brave and sweet. 5,027 more words


Death of a Fan Theory: Why Cubone’s Backstory May Be Even Sadder Than You Think

The tragic tale of the Lonely Pokémon has persisted throughout the generations (of Pokémon) as one marred in sorrow and wild speculation over its true origins. 4,885 more words