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Pokemon 115 - 117

I literally took months trying to finish Kangaskhan. I went to it a few times and just put down a line then was over it. It was strange, as soon as I finished up 115 (Kangaskhan)… Mega Kangaskhan, Horsea and Seadra were all finished within about 7hrs. 7 more words


Shiny Kangaskhan! - ORAS

Last night I found my 18th shiny pokemon on Omega Ruby; a shiny Kangaskhan!

Kangaskhan cannot be found in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so it needs to be traded over. 226 more words


Parental Controls - A Kangaskhan Analysis


Hi guys it’s Craig, also known as Primal Tyranitar on Nugget Bridge and here is my template for an “Individual Pokemon Analysis” on this blog. 510 more words

Nugget Bridge

The 3 most unfair Pokémon of all time

There’s a difference between Garchomp and Pokémon like Talonflame, Mega Kangaskhan and Aegislash. Get rid of Garchomp’s ability and it will still be among the best, but the same can’t be said about the other aforementioned Pokémon. 808 more words


Xiaoperior's Pokemon Corner- Thoughtful Thursday: The Kangaskhan Conundrum

Last week, we talked about why fly’s distribution is so odd. This week we will focus on something that is just as weird. I was originally planning on doing a Monster Origin Monday with this but it seems that it would be too short because there really isn’t too much to this pokemon other than its unique perk. 1,362 more words

Pokemon Corner

Post Draft Overview: North Adelaide Nigels

Team: North Adelaide Nigels
Trainer: UmbroScizCore
Season 1 placing: Premiers
Retentions: Gyarados, Thundurus-I, Chansey
Mega: Mawile
Round 1 opponent: Greater Western Cealdon Giants

Last years premiers, the North Adelaide Nigels, achieved an incredible unbeaten record in ABL01. 766 more words

Standard Stuffs are Good Stuffs: My Malaysia Premier Challenge Top 8 Report

Recently I participated in Pokemon Tournament in Malaysia and had a lot of fun. I managed to get into the Top 8 and decided to write a Tournament Report for the heck of it. 4,145 more words