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Xiaoperior's Pokemon Corner- Thoughtful Thursday: The Kangaskhan Conundrum

Last week, we talked about why fly’s distribution is so odd. This week we will focus on something that is just as weird. I was originally planning on doing a Monster Origin Monday with this but it seems that it would be too short because there really isn’t too much to this pokemon other than its unique perk. 1,362 more words

Pokemon Corner

Post Draft Overview: North Adelaide Nigels

Team: North Adelaide Nigels
Trainer: UmbroScizCore
Season 1 placing: Premiers
Retentions: Gyarados, Thundurus-I, Chansey
Mega: Mawile
Round 1 opponent: Greater Western Cealdon Giants

Last years premiers, the North Adelaide Nigels, achieved an incredible unbeaten record in ABL01. 766 more words

Standard Stuffs are Good Stuffs: My Malaysia Premier Challenge Top 8 Report

Recently I participated in Pokemon Tournament in Malaysia and had a lot of fun. I managed to get into the Top 8 and decided to write a Tournament Report for the heck of it. 4,169 more words

Mystery link in the evolution of kangaskhan


: you won’t understand this post if you don’t have basic understandings about Pokemon.

Legend has it that, when a kangaskhan dies, it’s baby wears the mother’s skull on its head for defense. 114 more words



North Adelaide Nigels v Canberra Remoraiders

Nigels                       Kills             Deaths              Remoraiders         Kills            Deaths
Mega Kangaskhan    2                   0                        Mega Gardevoir     2                  1
Gyarados                  4                    0                       Lucario                   0                   1… 11 more words

Looking back at my very first '14 VGC Team

Below is my very first VGC competitive team and original report that I had made during the initial launch of Pokemon XY.  I find it interesting to see what my thought process was when it came to teambuilding and what I thought the metagame would be at the time when Pokemon XY first launched. 997 more words


Round 8

Brisbane Pyroar vs Port Adelaide Power-Up Punch

Pyroar                   Kills             Deaths                      Punch                 Kills            Deaths
Azumarill                3                   0                                Greninja              1                  1
Mega Charizard Y 1                    0                               Mega Mawile       1                  1… 98 more words