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Kangen Water Maryland

Kangen Water Systems in Maryland.

True or False: The best source for healthy water in Maryland can be your own kitchen tap.

There are only two possible ways to make this statement true: 135 more words

Kangen Water

3 Properties of Kangen Water

Want to learn the 3 Properties of Kangen Water?  First let me explain to you the meaning of KANGEN.  KANGEN means “Return to Origin”!  There is no other water that possesses these 3 properties.   597 more words

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Asian Women

In the past few weeks I have needed to make trips to Lynnwood to the Enagic headquarters.

Each time, in fact as I thought about it almost every time I have ever gone there, I noticed well dressed asian women coming and going from the place. 132 more words

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Why Did We Choose Kangen Water?

As of today, we have enjoyed our Kangen Water Ionizer for over a year and the question, “why did we buy a water ionizer” has arisen. 340 more words

Kangen Water