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Not All Water is Created Equal

Kangen water is a revolutionary technology that changes our bodies from the inside-out. This water is the best water on Earth and will help you achieve the ultimate alkaline level of health. 672 more words


The benefits of hydrogen-rich water for children

Hydrogen water maker is a worthy investment, especially because of the many health benefits that it will bring to you and your family. It is much better than having to buy the water all the time. 414 more words

Hydrogen Water Maker

For Hydrogen-rich water bottle, what is Ion membrane Electrolytic Technology?

In recent years, OLANSI has made a new breakthrough of electrolysis technology in hydrogen rich water cup—Ionic membrane electrolysis technology. Some other scholars call this electrolysis process electrodialysis or membrane-assisted electrolysis. 305 more words

Hydrogen Water Maker

Why You Should Drink Hydrogen Water from the best hydrogen water pitcher manufacturer Olansi?

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd (Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co., Ltd, and Guangzhou Zenfly Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd these three factory all belongs to our President Mr. 734 more words

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How much Chlorine are you drinking?

So I’ve been out of Kangen water in my home for the past 2 weeks due to moving and having to wait for a new filter. 341 more words

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Drink Clean and Pure Water

Why Should You Drink Water?

You have probably heard that water makes up over 70% of the body, right? Water is part of all body fluids and is vital to the proper function of the body’s organ systems. 411 more words

Alkaline Kangen Water