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Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of air purifiers, water purifiers and hydrogen water treatment equipments. They provide their products to their clientele from all over the world.Pls Visit… 58 more words


Kangen Water Memiliki PH tinggi yaitu antara ph8.5 – ph11.5 membantu MENEUTRALKAN ASID dalam tubuh.

Tubuh badan terlalu acidic adalah punya kanser di seluruh dunia.

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Seledri Tak Jadi Mati

Menanam dengan sistem hidroponik itu gampang-gampang susah. Maksudnya, gampang bagi yang sudah ahli di bidang hidroponik, atau minimal mereka yang telaten. Tapi bagi saya yang kurang telaten dan malas merawatnya, tanaman hidroponikku jarang yang bisa bertahan lama. 270 more words


Western Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting

The western diet vs. Intermittent fasting

Before at 57 years old after picture 65 years old

Baby boomers why do you feel it is too late to live a healthy life style, you are wrong it is never too late you just have to make the choice are you done feeling sick and done with taking all those old people medications and are you done with making your doctor rich. 399 more words

The proper way to share hydrogen rich water

How Bill shares water simple and duplicatable 2017 (Alkaline Lifestyle Pro Team)

Team let’s keep this business fun, we do not sell machines we do not try to convince people to try the water or buy an Enagic device and we do not chase people. 552 more words

Alkaline Water, by far the most Productive Healthier Habit

Why Alkaline?

Analysis has shown that diseases cannot reside in an alkaline atmosphere. Hugely acidic diets common in existing lifestyles are directly connected towards the excessive incidence of people today suffering from allergies, weight troubles, premature aging and much more really serious illnesses. 645 more words

Alkaline Water