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The Fruit of the Spirit (KANKANAEY: Bible NT, Partial OT)

KANKANAEY: Bible NT, Partial OT

Galatians (Galacia) 5:22-23

22 Ngem din ogali ay pabelaen di Ispiriton Diyos et siya dana: layad, ragsak, olnos, anos, mabmabadang, siged di am-amagena si iib-a na, matalek, 23 more words


Let's Drink To That: The 'Tapuey' (Rice Wine)

Forget about the commercially prepared Igorot rice wine in a bottle, which seem to be the trend today.

Think about those times when you’ve travelled to the ‘ili’ (hometown) to attend a family feast or simply, for a holiday. 321 more words

Kapangan Benguet

Every Snapshot has a Story: The Little House "Ed Dumang"

‘Ed Dumang’ (Kankanaey of ‘down below’)

Trekking down a kilometer or two away from the main village and the main road, while having to pass through a dense forest; that’s how I remember the travel to this little house “ed dumang”. 227 more words


Healthy Eating in Kapangan: The 'Lukto' (sweet potato)

My cousins and I were reunited after a few years of being apart and we went back to our beloved hometown of Balakbak, Kapangan, Benguet… 268 more words


Healthy Eating in Kapangan: The Star Apple

In my hometown of Balakbak, Kapangan, Benguet, here is something that continues to grow in abundance. The star apple.

As one story goes: Some menfolk from… 182 more words


Hometown Fortress (Dakiwagan: Up Close and Personal)

Dakiwagan Mountain is like a mural on someone's wall. It appears to be keeping watch as the folks go about with their daily lives. Please read more about this hidden gem.

Hometown Fortress



To blog or not to blog

My daily routine of heading to work has been put on hold for some time now. This has given me the opportunity to re-ignite hobbies of old: reading and writing. 279 more words

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