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Gaara's Wedding Gift! Temari's Date - Naruto Shippuden 497

Naruto Shippuden 497 focuses on Gaara and other Kage’s arriving at the village to talk about some important things, also at this point, Naruto and Hinata’s wedding also gets mentioned a few times as Rock Lee, Tenten, Kankuro, Iruka all get involved in pushing Gaara to seriously thinking about the extravagant gift he shall give to Naruto and Hinata. 590 more words


Gaara's Loneliness! Shikamaru's Friends - Naruto Shippuden 482

Naruto Shippuden 482 see’s Gaara’s past, even as far as to see his mother’s face. We also learn that Kankuro and Temari were there at the start but Gaara’s father shut them out from him. 225 more words


Naruto RPG Is Kankuro Worth Training?

The most awaited online MMORPG game, Naruto Online has launched! This game includes tons of methods for training and battling! You can collect your favorite ninjas, use mysterious skills, and follow Naruto in becoming the Hokage! 309 more words

Naruto Ninjas Online

Headcanon : when Neji, Kankuro and Shikamaru's so is jealous

Neji will tell them that their jealousy is unsolicited, and that they’re being silly. Internally, he may find it a little pleasing and flattering, but overall, he’d prefer they not feel that way since it might create some drama in the relationship (even if Neji can be quite the drama queen) He’s the most likely to start an argument about it tbh, refusing to admit that he might have been doing something to make them jealous, instead claiming it’s their own fault for feeling that way… 199 more words